《Chapter 13》

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Today is the day, End Class is going to assassinate Korosensei and receive a holiday at the same time. [Name] sat on one of the benches in the ship to Okinawa. She was wearing her headphones, enjoying the ocean's scenery as she listened to her favorite songs. The other students were busy preparing the plan to kill Korosensei. She was thinking about getting a nap when Karma splashed her with a water gun.

"Shouldn't it be used when we assassinate Korosensei?" [Name] glared at Karma. He smiled—more like smirked_in return.

[Name] was confused. Why does she always get this weird feeling whenever she was near Karma? It started happening when she was saved by Karma in the swimming pool accident. She told her mother about her weird feelings and you know what her mother said?

"You're in love with him! Finally my own dense daughter girl fell in love with her friend."

But being the stubborn girl she is, she didn't believe her mother. She thought her mother was joking. She never believed in love since she was a child. Being a girl with intelligence above average kids never made her life more normal. She had to move to other schools each year to keep her secret. She doesn't want to put people she cares about in danger.

"Oi, [Name]-chan! What are you thinking?" She took off her headphones and looked at Karma with a bored look.

"Nothing of your importance."

Karma chuckled. "Ara, you're too cold. Where is the tsundere [Name] that I saw in New Year's Eve?" He leaned closer to her face.

[Name] blushed by his action. Involuntarily she pushed him away—all the attention was on them now.

Her heart was beating very fast, faster than normal. She touched her heart and calmed down. It's getting worse. I should stay away from him or my heart will never beat normally again.'

[Name] sat up from the bench and entered into the cabin. Karma sighed as he looked at her disappearing figure. Okajima and Nagisa stood beside Karma.

"She looked really angry," said Nagisa.

"You're really bad with her, Karma-kun," Okajima chuckled. "I really envy with you. You can talk with her almost every time. But me? I just can talk with her if it is something important."

"That's your own fault," Karma retorted.

Meanwhile, with [Name], she just sat beside the window and sighed. She could finally calm down after what happened.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked herself. She hugged her knees and rested her head on them. "I wish I could know what's happening to me."


Someone knocked her cabin's door twice. She opened it and saw Nakamura. Someone she didn't want to see at time like this.

"[Name]-chan? Daijoubu desuka?" asked Nakamura worriedly.

"I'm fine." She let Nakamura came in.

"You want to tell me?" Nakamura questioned.

"Don't laugh at me though."


Nakamura laughed and hit [Name]'s back multiple times. [Name] pouted after she let out all her problems; the worse part was that it was all about Karma.

"I didn't know you'll fall in love with Red Head." Nakamura couldn't stop laughing.

"Why is everyone saying that I'm in love with him?! Even my own mother! I don't like him and never will. He is just my rival." [Name] pouted again.

"Yeah, whatever. When the time comes you will understand." Nakamura stood up and walked to the door. "Let's meet the others. They must be still planning."

[Name] nodded and went with Nakamura. They met the others and were greeted by Isogai and Sugino. The former smiled and acted like nothing just happened.

I prefer to fall in love with Isogai than Karma. Yup, that stupid red-haired boy. thought [Name]. But at the same time, she felt as though it wasn't right for her heart.

"Where were you all this time?" Sugino asked the two girls.

"Nothing important. Just girl stuff," Nakamura grinned. She looked at Karma, who was spacing out.

"Ne, Isogai-kun! Want to hear something?" asked Nakamura loud enough for Karma to hear.

"Nani?" Asked the ikeman.

"Actually, [Name]-chan is in love with someone right now." Isogai and Karma tensed up. [Name] glared at Nakamura and hit her arm.

Nakamura knew that Isogai liked [Name]. Even though he may not know it yet, you can tell by his actions around her. And for our sadistic boy, Nakamura just tested him to see whether or not he also liked [Name]. Karma always teased [Name], so who knows if he likes her or not.

"Nakamura-chan! What are you doing?! Don't talk nonsense about me!" whispered [Name] anxiously.

"Is that true, [Name]-chan?" asked the ikeman. He looked hurt to hear that.

"Ie! I don't like anyone!" [Name] blushed. She gave Nakamura a 'thanks-to-your-bullshit' look; Nakamura stuck out her tongue in return.

Karma, who was watching the scene, gripped his hands. He was angry. Not because of the information about [Name]'s love, but because she looked very close to Isogai.

"Karma-kun, I think I fell in love with [Name]-chan. Is it okay for me to take her away from you?"

Karma remembered very clearly what Isogai said that day. And how stupid he was to say yes. "I will never let you take her away. I will not make the same mistake that I did that day."



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