Chapter 9

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It was sunday today and i was wake at
9 in the morning. I just couldn't go to sleep after that.

I got up from bed and walked to my walk in closet. I picked black shorts and a white tank top with a smiley face on it. I went to the bathroom and had a shower and got changed.

I put my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs to the kitchen

"Morning" i said and sat on a stool next to nick.

"Morning liya would you like some pancakes" megan asked and i nodded just as carlos came downstairs.

"Morning babe" he said and hugged me from the back and then sat down. I blushed as megan was staring at me.

"Are you two dating" megan asked and gave me a plate of pancakes

"Yeh. Shes my girlfriend" carlos said smirking at me

"Oh wow. Its hard to believe you have a girlfriend carlos." Megan said and i laughed

"Totally" nick said

"Whatever. I'm going out with guys. You wanna come babe" carlos said smirking at me

"Sure honey" i said smiling back at him

"Ok Then come on nick you can help me with shopping" megan said and walked out the room with nick and i punched carlos in the arm.

"Why did you tell your mom" i said

"Because i want the whole world to know" he said and stood up

"Be ready in ten minutes." He said and walked out.

I sighed and and went to my room. I put some money in my back pocket about 50 dollars and i put my phone in my front pocket.

I wore my black convereses and went downstairs to see jorden and kyle in the door way with carlos.

"Hey james bond" i said and he smirked

"Do you even know my name" he said

"Well noooo jorden" i said to him and he chuckled

"Cool. We ready to go" kyle said

Thats the first time i heard him speak. I thought and nodded

"Yep" i said and went outside and sat in a black audi. Kyle sat at the back with me and jorden was driving and carlos sat in the passengers seat.

I turned to kyle and stared at him.

"Why don't you talk much" i asked finally

"I don't want to" he said

"Do you have a girlfriend" i asked

He might be depressed.

"No i'm gay" he said and i stopped breathing

"Yes finally i have a gay friend. You can help me with shopping. I love you already kyle" i said and hugged him tightly

"So your not disgusted" he said and i looked at him funny

"Why would i be disgusted. I totally support gay people. And i always wanted to have a gay friend. You can do my nails someday. They really need help" i said showing them to him

"A lot of people are disgusted. But its cool that your not" he said

"I know i'm an awesome person" i said just as we stopped next to a diner called becky's diner.

We went inside and sat in a booth. I sat next to carlos

"Why are we here." I asked just as a lady came towards us

"Oh hey boys. Its been what a week that you havn't come. Oh who is this" she asked smiling at me

Carlos put an arm around me and pulled me closer to him.

"This is my girlfriend rose" carlos said and i elbowed him

"Liya" i said to her and she smiled

"Its shocking that carlos has a girlfriend. So the usual for you guys and what can i get you dear" she asked me

"A chocolate cake please" i said and she nodded and walked away.

"So when did you guys become a couple" jorden asked smirking and i moved carlos arm away from my shoulder.

"Its just a bet" i said sorting my hair out.

"A bet. About" jorden asked and leaned closer.

"Well its a bet on who is going to fall first. If he says i love you first then i win his bike and if i say it then he wins my car. Its for 3 months" i said smirking

"Woah. Your bike man. You don't even let me touch it" kyle said

"I know but i'm going to win" carlos said and i pushed him

"Yeh right" i said just as the lady came back with our food.

The boys all had chocolate chip pancakes.

"Thanks becky your the best" jorden said

"I know now enjoy" she said and walked away.

We were talking about anything and we were eating. The boys had already finished and were talking about a hot chick in school while i was still eating.

Just then carlos's phone went off and he picked it up.

"What cristian....yeh.. now. .....okay fine were on our way" he said and hung up.

"We need to go" carlos said and the guys stood up.

"You coming" carlos said

"No i'm finishing this. You guys go ahead" i said and they all left but carlos put a $100 on the table first.

I finished my cake and then got up and left.

Now i am new in new york so i was a little lost but after 30 minutes of walking i found my house. I went inside carlos's house to see it was empty.

I went straight upstairs to my room and changed into bed shorts and a tank top. I sat in bed and talked to skylar on the phone for 1 hour and then i talked to jess and told her how new york is.

After that i did my homework and then had an early night.
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