YUNHYEONG ~ Lip balm guy

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"You look so good when you tie your hair. Can I tie it for you?" I looked at him. He really likes to tie my hair even if I don't want to.

"But I think I look ugly in ponytail." I said.

"Eh! You never looked ugly. You're freaking gorgeous _______!" Yunhyeong muttered while smacking the pillow. Where is he getting those admiring words?

"Aish~ whatever Yunhyeong. Just tie my hair." I faced my back to him and I gave a ribbon-like ponytail.

"Yay! Sorry if it's kinda messy like how I really make it." I smiled secretely. Cause if he'll saw me smiling, he'll tease me endlessly like what just happened a week ago.

"I still love it when you tie my hair, messy or not." I said.

"Aaahhh my heart." He whispered but I can hear it clearly. I just acted like I didn't hear it. He's such a cutie.

After he tied my hair, we looked into each other. Just staring eye-to-eye.

"Oh! I remember!" Yunhyeong suddenly said. He quickly went upstairs. I think he is getting something. But I'm just here on the living room floor, waiting for him.

He eventually sat beside with a paper bag designed with hearts.

"Happy Valentines day _______." He sweetly smiled that I almost fainted. I opened the paper bag and saw the thing I wanted to have since my birthday.

"Thank you Yunhyeong! I've always wanted to have this! And you are the only person who gave me a precious gift. I love you." I hugged him tightly.

"Hey don't cry." He wiped the tears that is already in the corner of my eye. Yunhyeong caress my hair as I tear up in front of him.

"I'm just happy. If you have a gift for me, I also have a gift for you." I stood and got his gift hidden beside the couch.

"You really don't have to give me something for Valentines. Seeing you so happy is my happiness too, _______."

"But I want you to be happiet than you are. Open it." I smiled at him first before he open the paper bag.

"Woah, so many Lip balms! You really bought all of these to me?" He consciously asked me. I nodded and gave him a big smile.

"Thank you too _______!" Yunhyeong shouted and forcely hugged me that made the two of us lie on the floor. Me over him. And this... is awkward.

"How lucky to be your boyfriend. Thanks for the Lip balms. I love you _______." I wasn't really surprised when he kissed me. I feel like I'm in heaven every time he kisses me.

"Who do you love most? Your Lip balms or me?" I asked. He got surprised about my question.

"Of course it's you. What kind of question is that?" He answered.

And we're still here, in this sweet but awkward position, looking at each other's eye.


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