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All my dreams had you in them, so why must you only tell lies to me.

I gave you all I had, I would have given more, so why cheat me then leave me.

If all I longed for was you, than how come you make yourself so distant.

Hurting myself for you, cause I love you, I'm not even worth dirt to you.

When you leave me where are you going, cause it's not to think of me.

When I try to tell you how I feel, you listen with your head and not your heart.

You tell me you love me, then you leave me empty and all alone.

Your words are weightless, empty, and cold; they carry nothing of truth.

Why must I love you so deeply, without end, if all you do is cheat.

You brought me so close to the stars, only to send me falling back with a stab.

How I long and want you. I want to give you my trust, but you rip it all away.

You destroy, take, move on, find another, and leave me broken and alone.

Tell me one more time how to feel, how to act, I'm so lost right now.

Let me feel your love again, be mine once more, for forever and always.

You turn me into nothing, leave me nothing, and yet you tell me to hope.

My smile is fake, my laugh is empty, my heart and thoughts are all of you.

Why do I try, and feel. Please take more than good with you, take pain and heartache.

Please come back, love me like you are actually mine, don't leave me.

Why put my heart under lock and key if you don't care for it or want it.

I never lied, and never looked away from you for a second, but all you wanted was to get away.

You've left me empty, uncaring and cold; how much I want that warmth back.

You made me cry and hurt more than ever, and all for what, for nothing?

Hope, love, honesty, truth what are all these words and feelings? What do they mean?

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