Chapter 9: All Aboard The Queen's Ship

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She felt the warmth of someone's body touching her's, Meathil hadn't woken up yet but she could still feel the warmth of Eglanor's body. She wanted to stay like that for just a little longer, for a few more moments. It was peaceful, calm, she felt like she was sleeping in the clouds. Today, it was the day she would sail to Ostwyn, the day she needed to keep herself in check. Although the trips duration was going to be a good three days, she knew very well that there would be more than just her and her bracket on the ship. There would be royal guards, Ostwyn citizens, and maybe even Ostwyn swordsmen. It wouldn't be a swift ride no matter who's on the ship, no one could predict what would happen in the Cex Sea. There had been stories of wild storms with no warning, ships getting lost, people going missing, it was not a place to play in. She didn't want to focus on it right now though, she wanted to have a few more minutes of relaxation. But, evidently she didn't get that as someone shook her awake. She opened her eyes to see Othes standing in front of her with a disapproving look on her face.

"If you are going to sleep with a man, at least put on some nightwear that covers your body more," the vice-captain said with a vulgar tone. She then really noticed how shameless of a thing this was. She was directly on top of Eglanor who was still asleep, and his hand, well it was, not where it was supposed to be. She quickly shifted her position so she was now properly on her own side of the bed, and not invading her friends space. She knew her face was red from blushing so much because almost her whole bracket was giggling like little eleven year olds. They all glanced at her and gave her a smirk.

"It's not like that! I couldn't sleep last night," she exclaimed, the pitch of her voice going higher as she became more embarrassed. "Anyways we should start to get dressed and head out, everyone go take a bath." Most of the girls undressed right away and ran to the bath, but some stayed fully clothed, refusing to undress until she woke up Eglanor and told him to leave. She leaned over the sleeping body of her best friend and shook his shoulders so hard he looked dizzy after opening his eyes.

"What was that for?!"

"You need to go get ready, and fast. Take a bath too," she told him and he smiled, she knew what he was thinking. "A bath in your own room. And meet back here when your done okay, with the one bag that you are allowed." He got out of the bed and walked over to the door to leave. She smiled and waved goodbye to the informant and closed the door. The girls who were waiting for Eglanor to leave immediately hoped into the bath and she did the same. They had all been filthy from all of the training they had done over the past five days, she had forgotten to wash last night so she was especially gross. She washed her arms first, and then her legs. She took time to look up at the beautiful morning Venus skies, the stars were still out and the clouds were a beautiful peach color from the rising light. She quickly finished and tried to shimmy into her battle armor as fast as she could. She then made her bed, since she wasn't going to be in the room for a while, it would be nice to come home to a made bed. She took off the pillows and fixed the covers, when she placed the pillows she stopped to bury her face in the one Eglanor had used. The fluffy thing still had his scent on it, it was a calming thing to smell. Wait! What was she doing?! She was sniffing a pillow! WHY! She looked around the room to see the other girls staring at her with weird looks on their faces.

"It's not what you think!"

"U-huh, sure it isn't," Hatolel said sarcastically, dang that girl would take any chance to make her feel more awkward. She finished making the bed, it now looked like new. She grabbed the one bag she was allowed and left the room, the other 8 girls following her out. Eglanor was waiting for them, and she lead her 9 members out to the docks, for a new adventure.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

The royal palace's docks were huge, they covered a lot of land and there were just too many ships to count. The one they would be riding on was the queen's personal ship, she'd wondered why the queen was being so generous. They were going to be away for a while, so maybe that was it? She walked along the side of the wooden dock and looked for the guards in gold, that was what she was told to look for. It took a while but sooner and later she found the ship, it was huge and looked glamorous. The ship was made of gold and had beautiful sails, there were lovely red wood floors and there seemed to be many rooms in the bottom of the ship. On the sides of the ship were golden wings that looked to be engraved into the metal ship. She looked at the guards and they nodded letting her through to board the ship. Once they got on the ship they saw no one, until she noticed someone at the wheel of the ship. Were they the Sailor, was that their type? Being chosen to be a Sailor was rare, only few could conquer the seas. Before she got the chance to ask she heard a familiar voice.

"So, how is my dear sister doing? I hope you're not getting into to much trouble Meathil." Camaeneth. It was Camaeneth's voice for sure, she went to look at the entrance way. She saw her sister, dressed in her battle armor as usual, with her dark black hair flowing behind her.

"Hello Camaeneth, I am doing fine, thank you for asking. So, you're heading to Valoor and Eriness?" She asked, the question grabbed the attention of her sister.

"Yes, I will be sailing today. And I suppose you will be too. You're going to Ostwyn and Shadowmount right, good luck getting those queens to cooperate." They seemed to be having a stare off, Camaeneth wouldn't break their gaze and neither would she. But, her sister's mind was obscured by a thought, and she could tell since her sister flinched. "Oh, I almost forgot, I have a present. Rivornor!" The black haired boy she saw earlier in the Captains Court showed up next to her sibling and smiled. "The queen requested that I let him go with you, take care of him, and have a safe journey. My dearest sister."

"Yes you too, my beloved sister." Camaeneth left, leaving Rivornor behind at the docks. She quietly signaled for the guards to let him in, and once he got on the boat, he finally relaxed. She hadn't realized how stiff the boy was around her sister, was her sibling really that scary. She knew Camaeneth was scary sometimes, but to not be able to relax. She was nothing like her sister, and she wanted to keep it that way. The black haired boy walked over to her and bowed, his head looking up at her face.

"I am Rivornor, Captain Meathil, I wish to serve you righteously," he then took her hand and kissed it, she could feel the softness of his lips when they touched her skin. It made her heart race as he looked at her with his crimson eyes. She knew she had to keep her head straight, but that was a little hard when someone was looking at her like this. He was looking at her, as if she was a woman. Not just a girl. She cleared her throat.

"Yes, Rivornor nice to meet you. Uh...Lets set sail!" She yelled and finally saw the Sailor's face, she was expecting him to be pretty old. But there was no he, only a she. The lady she saw at the Sailor's wheel was astounding. She had the same beautiful caramel colored hair as the queen, although it was a little lighter in shade. The girls eyes were a lovely shade of sea blue, she seemed to be a duplicate of the queen. Except the lady was only around 5 feet and 6 inches tall. They looked so similar, but again, the queen had no heirs to the throne.

"She speaks the truth! We shall set sail! Please head down to your cabins, they are on the lower deck," all of them moved except for her, she was to busy being shocked at the Sailors powers. The lady slowly moved her hand across the wheel of the ship making all of the golden railings shine. The light was so bright she was almost blinded, the ship then began moving, even though there was no breeze. Astonishing, she had never seen anything like it before, a magic ship. "Oh are you the Captain Meathil I was informed of?"

"Yes, this is a most wonderful ship. I hope to enjoy the ride."

"I'm sure you will."

"I didn't catch your name, Sailor."

"Oh, I am Bellinil, Sailor of the queen's ship."

"Nice to meet you Bellinil," she said and left the top deck. On her way down she was caught up in her head. Bellinil, that name, it meant something, something interesting. She remembered, Bellinil, meaning divine and powerful. Usually a name given to rather important ladies, this Sailor, she was important. Bellinil.

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