Chapter Ninety Three

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Anora shoved passed several of the sanctuary workers and made to where the boy came out of the arena, a swagger in his step as he walked around like a hot shot.

That was until Anora grabbed him by the back of his shirt, yanking him to turn around and face her.

"How dare you?!" She snapped at him. "Do you realize what you have done?!"

Viktor was wide eyed as the woman handled him ruffly, he tried to pull his shirt away but her grasp was firm and tight.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere," she growled. "Not until you understand the pain that you just put that dragon through-"

"I did what I had to win."

"You caused a new mother to destroy her eggs because you wanted to take a cheap shot at her!"

"Anora!" Charlie ran over to her. "Stop, let him go!"

Viktor pulled away from him as Charlie held onto Anora.

"You're not even sorry about what you did, are you? Are you?!" she screeched.

Several bystanders including officials and workers stared, but the workers knew better and kept their distance.

"Anora it's done, there's nothing we can do." Charlie said trying to soothe her.

"We shouldn't have brought them here in the first place. We should have never agreed to this at all. This is terrible!"

"Anora, calm down. Calm down, please." he pulled her into his chest as allowed her to rest her face on his shoulder.

"I want to go home."

"Birdie is up next and then it's over. We can leave after that, okay? We'll get the dragons home. Not all is lost, she still has some eggs left. We'll do whatever we can to ensure those eggs make it. But you have to keep your temper, An, or you're going to get us kicked out of here. Then we can't be here for the dragons at all."

"Alright, alright, I'll try. But if he comes near me...Birdie won't be the most feared around here."

"She wasn't the most feared around here to begin with." Charlie said under his breath.

Unfortunately for Harry Potter, he had selected the Hungarian Horntail, affectionately called Birdie. But there was nothing affectionate about Birdie, especially as Harry entered the arena.

"I can't watch." Anora said covering her eyes but as Charlie looked down at her, he noticed her peeking through her fingers.

Harry dodged Birdie several times barely, as the dragon was completely out for blood, eggs or not.

"Why isn't he doing anything? Has he forgotten he has a wand?" Anora bit her nails. "Merlin's toenails why won't he do something?"

While Charlie witnessed Anora cheer for the dragons when they faced the other champions, but it seemed Harry's horrible attempt at retrieving the egg had fueled her to root for one champion.

Birdie loved using fire against Harry and several times turned her attention away from Harry to focus on the cheering crowd, silencing them in a heartbeat.

Finally, Harry recovered from his brain fart and commenced in using his wand to summon his broom.

"What do you know, the boy has a brain after all!" Anora clapped her hands together.

She looked over to see Charlie giving her a look.

"What happened to rooting for the dragons?"

"There's no need to root for Birdie, have you seen the damage she's caused."

The crowd gasped and the turn returned to see that Harry had been scratched on the shoulder as he clutched onto the golden egg for dear life.

They watched as Harry maneuvered his broom, showing off his quidditch skills.

"Well, well, Captain Muffin looks like Potter has some skill-"

"Don't you dare..." Charlie said wrapping his arms around her waist.

Harry had grabbed the final egg which meant the First Task had come to an end, however, Anora was set on getting some justice for the Chinese Fireball.

"They were just eggs." Igor Karkaroff, the headmaster of Durmstrang, huffed as he eyed the woman that had protested against his student.

"I wasn't talking to you." Anora hissed at him turning her attention back to the Ministry officials. "They were to retrieve the golden egg not cause the others to be destroyed. That's a first time nester-"

"Then she will have many other eggs that will help her get over them..." Igor interjected again.

Anora rounded on him.

"Would you like me to step on something precious of yours, Sir, because that's the direction we're headed right now."

"You dare threaten me."

"Yeah, I dare. Now butt out!"

Charlie wasn't sure if the points Viktor had docked from his score had been done because everyone realized he had caused the dragon to cause harm to her eggs, or because Anora scared the hell out of them.

He was prepared to bet money on the latter.

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