Faking It

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I take a deep breath and turn to Malcolm. We hold hands and walk in. Krelboynes stare and gasp. We just go and sit next to some boy in a wheelchair.
"Stevie, this is Lani, my fake girlfriend." Malcolm whispers to Stevie. Stevie laughs and I just wave.
"So. Isn't this a great first impression?" I say.
"I could ... tell. You are way... out of his... league." Stevie replies. I smirk.
"Hey. That wheelchair won't prevent my dear brother Reese." Malcolm says.
"Ok... Very true." He stops talking.
Caroline comes in.
"Okay class. We have a new student. This is Lani Haart. She knows languages!"
Everyone looks at me.
"What? Is this a museum?"
Everyone turns away and I roll my eyes. We do calculus, and she suddenly turns to me after.
"Lani. Why are you and Malcolm talking so much?"
"Well we are-" Before I can finish Malcolm interrupts.
"We are a couple. We even have nicknames and stuff!" Malcolm says, his voice dripping with fake enthusiasm.
"Yeah. I call him Big Mouth because he just loves to talk. A lot. Sometimes, not at a good time." I respond glaring at him.
Caroline grins.
"Why don't you two stay after with me?"
Everyone else goes out to recess and we stay back.
"Well, it's just so great! Young love is just adorable. Anyway, I know this might sound a bit crazy, but I want you to kiss." Caroline says.
"What?!" We say at the same time.
"It is just so cute!" Caroline responds.
"Can we just go outside for a sec?" Malcolm asks. We go outside.
"What should we do?!" I ask
"I think we should just do it. You never know! It might not be that bad kissing me, Lani." He says.
"First of all, that is a form of flirting. Second of all, you are right. If we don't do this, she won't believe us. And I am willing to do anything to shut her up. Third, that woman is crazy! What kind of teacher does that?!" I say."Anyway, let's hold hands for good measure." We walk in holding hands.
"Ok. Can you guys kiss!"
We look at each other and I sigh. We start to lean in slowly. I can hear my heart pounding in my ears. I can't do this! No! I can't stop now. I have to trick her. It's important! I start going in faster until our lips touch. I feel completely awkward. I don't know what to do with my hands. This isn't my first kiss. It's just... I have only kissed boys who I actually have a crush on. I just need to pretend. I wrap my arms over his shoulders and pull him closer. My crush on Malcolm from yesterday just randomly went away... I am relieved when he breaks free. We are freaked out to see her on the verge of tears.
You are dis-dismissed."
We run outside and I shudder.
"That was so awkward at first!" I groan.
"Only at first? So it wasn't awkward at the middle or end?" Malcolm days, raising one eyebrow.
"Shut up!" I laugh.
We go outside to lunch and I sigh. How am I supposed to kiss him?! We need to practice. It sounds weird but it's true. I put a note in his locker telling him to meet me at the creek after school.
I get off the bus and go to the creek. Malcolm is already there waiting for me.
"I hate to say it, and I know we will both be upset over this, but we have to practice." I state.
"I know. That kiss was not believable at all. I don't mind. I enjoyed it." Malcolm responds.

Word Count: 615

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