Empathy of a Fight

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A fight is a poem.
A human exclaiming
His struggle,
His triumph,
His devastation,
His love,
And every moment that shaped him,
Into fleeing, eloquent verse,
With another human reading,
And inundating himself,
As he bravely dares
To venture to another's world,
Carrying with him his own past
And a passion for understanding.

In this verse,
Each strike is a word.
A statement,
A thought becoming a message.
Each fall is a moral
A lesson,
A reminder of one's self.
Each rise is a petition
A desire,
A human longing to learn more.
Each opponent is opportunity
A chance,
A poem to be read.

When the poem concludes,
Speaker and reader are wiser,
Both are humbled and thankful
For the other's struggles,
And for every moment
They can now understand.

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