Chapter 25: Practicing Our Powers

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~Addie's POV~

"When are we going to tell them?" i ask my sister. We are far enough away that our family can't hear us.

"We don't. They can't know until the Volturi come." she answers me. We found out about a vision that Mom and Aunt Alice had.

"Okay." i said.

"Let's practice." she says. We found out that we have more powers than anyone really thought.

Chloe has electricity and can control the elements, but that isn't really her power. Her power works alot like Mom's actually. The only difference is, it gets much much stronger than Mom when her and i hold hands. So does mine. Her power is that she can copy people's power, like mom, but she dosent have to touch them. If she makes eye contact with them, she gets their power. She has to hold it for ten seconds, but it is really painful for her mind whenever she tries it with Mom. Her power is probably freaking out because mom has so many gifts.

My power is sort of like Aunt Bella's. It's a shield. A physical and mental shield. People can't hurt me when i have it around myself. i keep it around Chloe and I all the time. The mental shield, i only put up when we talk about our powers, so Uncle Edward doesn't peek into our minds. I can move things with the physical shield too. I also learned earlier this year that i could phase into a wolf. My wolf form was dark brown and shaggy. Chloe said i was really soft and fluffy. None of the family knows yet.

"Okay, let's begin." she says, getting ready to attack me. That is how we train. It helps us learn to fight and use or powers against people.

She creates a big ball of fire in her hands and throws it at me. I stop it with my shield and reflect it back at her. She catches it in her hands and closes them, extinguishing the fire. When she opened her hands again, a ball of water was in her palms instead of fire. She formed the water into what looked like a snake and made it snake over to me. It lunged at my front, but i blocked it with my shield in time. It kept snaking around me and occasionaly lunged. I blocked it everytime. We practiced that for about an hour, then moved onto me attacking her.

I threw a shield at her, throwing her into a tree. I held her against the tree until she glared at the three trees behind me. They all caught on fire and started falling down. If it werent for my shield, i would have been squashed. I turned around and Chloe was there, tripping me. I fell to the ground, but kicked her feet out from under her. She swiftly jumped up and prepared to block tmy shield. I threw another one at her full force, but before it reached her, she made the wind blow me down. After about another hour of this, we went onto attacking with only our physical selves.

We circled around eachother and i decided to make the irst move. I lunged at her stomach, but right before i did that, she did a front flip over me. When i turned around, she knocked my legs out from under me and pinned me down with my back against the gound. She was strataling my stomach and pinning my arms above my head on the ground.

I reached my legs up and wrapped them around her neck from behind her, pulling her down. Now i was sitting on her and had her arms pinned behind her back.(she was lying on her stomach). We continued fighting for about two hours, seeing as we need the most practice with that. Occasionaly, she would beat me by putting her teeth on my neck, carefully making sure not to bite down. She is poisonus, so if her venom got in me, it would kill me. If she gets her teeth on my neck, she wins. If i get her into a headlock where i could decapitate her, i win.

After four hours of training, we go to the meadow, once described to us as Bella and Edward's meadow. We layed out there for at least three hours, just talking and laughing. Night began to fall, so we quickly ran back to the house. I made sure to put up my shield around Chloe and i so Uncle Edward doesn't know where we were.

We walked through the door and the entire family was waiting in the living room for us.

"Where the Hell were you two?" Uncle Emmett asked us.

"And why are you both so dirty?" Uncle Jazz added.

" see..." i was about to tell them the truth, but Chloe put her hand on my arm, screaming (in her mind through Nessie's power) to shield Alice's mind. I did what she said because Chloe saw a vison of Alice seeing a vision of what we were doing and what our powers were.

I sheilded her just in time, right before a vision took her over. After a few secondes, she looked back at us with what seemed like confusion and excitement.

"We were just playing out in the meadow." Chloe said, not a hint of untruthfulness in her voice. She was such a good liar!

Uncle Jazz walked over to her and brushed her cheek, wiping off some ash that was left from her fire attack.

"Why do you have ash on you?" he asked her.

"Well you see, i accidentaly electrified a tree and it caught on fire." she lied smoothly. "Then Addie used the water from the lake to help me put it out."

"It's true." Alice said. When nobody was looking, she winked at Chloe and I.

"Time for bed girls." Mom said. Chloe and i kissed our family goodbye and ran upstairs. I fell asleep quickly. Training is hard work! I could hear Chloe listening to music in her room as my eyes closed.

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