Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots." Kitten stated confidently, as though she had heard it before. Jack and the others stared at her like she had grown another head. Kitten wasn't even sure where the name, much less the courage, had come from, but it felt right. Optimus, as she realized he was undoubtly called, hesitated before kneeling before her.

"Yes. And you are?" he asked, hiding his unease over the fact that she knew his name. If his soldiers knew he was on edge, then they would be even more so.

"Kitten. Kitten Macanera. So, do I get an explanation? I was kind of dragged here without any choice." She jabbed her thumb at Jack and Arcee.

"Hey! You have a phone with the Autobot insignia! If those 'Cons were to have found the signal you-" Arcee was cut off.

"Yes, I would have been captured and tormented and possibly killed. So I thank you for saving my unknowing butt from certain and painful death. But right now, I need some answers, because I may look calm but inside I am freaking out!" Kitten burst, glaring fro one bot or human to the next.

"She scares me..." Bumblebee whirred.

Kitten froze again. "How can I understand you?" Ratchet stared down at the girl intensely, causing her to shrink away.

"You," Ratchet started, pointing at the girl, "can understand," he put a finger to his temples, "him?" he pointed at Bumblebee. When she gave a small nod he just stared at her.

Then he preceded to go on a rant.

"How is this even remotely possible? She's a human for Primus' sake! A human we don't even know! Never met her before, never seen her before, nothing, and here she just shows up at the base and not only can she understand Bumblebee, who doesn't even speak her language, but she knows who Optimus is, even though she's never met him before, and she has a phone with an Autobot insignia on it!" Ratchet paused in his yelling to breath before glaring at Kitten and seething, "Anything else that we don't know about you relating to us?"

"Yes. She's my charge." A new voice said. The Autobots stiffened.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" Ratchet growled.

"I don't know. My Kitten might freak out." the voice said. Everyone glared at her.

"What?" she asked, backing away.

"What is it that you've been hiding?" Arcee growled.

"I wouldn't blame my charge if I was you. I could blow your optics out. Oh, and speaking of which, Kitten? Could you take me out of your pocket? It's very cozy, but I would like to actually breath." Kitten's eyes widened.

"My IPod?!" She fished around in her pocket, alarmed. She pulled it out, but it wasn't her IPod. It was the cell phone. Kitten eyes bugged out. "W-what?"

Kitten felt a vibration and instinctively dropped the phone, which unfolded in mid air. When it hit the floor, it landed on two feet. Raising its hands above its head, it arched its back out. "Ngha! Ah, much better. Feels good to be able to stretch! Kitten, don't get me wrong, I love ya' to pieces but if you ever do that to me again I'm disownin' ya'. " The minibot said in a distinctly male voice.

Kitten stared at the robot before her. "H-how...? W-what?! Y-you mean to tell me I've been housing a robot?!"

"Yep, pretty much. By the way, thanks for the lift from the air port. People there are a little weird, if ya ask me. You, for some reason just caught my optics." He paused to look up at her. "Ain't you a lucky earth femme?"

Kitten passed out.


"Hmm... Maybe bringing us here wasn't such a good idea..." The mini bot observed.

"It was your fault in the beginning! If you hadn't jumped into her hood then she wouldn't have to deal with all this!" Jack accused. "You put an innocent civilian into a war!"

The minibot chuckled, but it sounded dark. "Innocent? Anybody bothered to scan her? She was bound to end up in our war any ways."

"What do you mean?" Optimus asked, glaring just slightly at him.

"Are you all really that dense? Medi bot, scan the girl and enlighten these fools." He waved a dismissive servo.

Ratchet stared at him, glaring for a moment before doing as he was told. His optics widened, and he scanned again, before scanning again, and then running a diagnostic on his hardware to see if it was malfunctioning, and then again.

"Ratchet? W-what is it? W-what's wrong?" Bumblebee questioned, worried by the expression.

The new comer, how ever, was smirking. "Yeah, what'd ya find, Medic bot?"

He looked up, disbelief and shock in his optics. "T-this girl... Is part Cybertrononian."

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