Rant inspired by: HoOforever

*stretches hands* Okay, first rant of 2016. Let's do this.

I love Percy Jackson. I love the characters. I love the books. It's really no use explaining the plot, because half of you must have either seen the horrible movies and/or read the books.

What I'm kinda wary off at this point is the fandom.

Like can we not reduce Percy to a happy-go-lucky idiot? Percy can be seriously sadistic when he wants to be. He's powerful as hell and yet half of fandom sees him as a water loving idiot who goes ga-ga when someone makes Disney references.

Like tell me that's not true whenever people write posts about "interviewing" the seven.

And speaking of the seven, Leo Valdez is not just a wisecracking mechanic. He does have other emotions, you know. The main reason why he acts funny is to survive.

And guys, the shipping wars....honestly....

And Nico di Angelo is not constantly moody and snarky, he does have his moments of tenderness, especially towards Hazel. And he has saved Percy's life, more than once.

Also....I haven't read any PJO fanfics but I have heard rumors of what they are usually like. And can I just say....Percy and Annabeth are not that lovey-dovey. End of story.

Maybe it's a good thing that I haven't read any ahahahahah

And guys, I have no problem with RP. But come on, those "Only demigod can repost this" posts need to stahp. Those get on my nerves to no end.

I'm really sorry that this rant is super short but that's really what I think of the POJ fandom. :/

I wanted to do this for a while now but put this rant/fandom off for various reasons. I probably might add more but yeah this is what I got for now. 

And I have to warn you that I have been editing my rants (all of them) so that they are a little more "clean", if I may AHAHAHAHAHAHA 

No, but seriously, I've kinda decided that swearing in some of the rants is really not that needed. Its funny as hell, but hey who said that swearing wouldn't bring negativity from a controlling family? XDXDXDXD

What did you agree or disagree with? What else would you like for me to rant on? Comment below and let me know!

Oh, and you guys can comment down what else you find annoying about fandoms/ect. Who knows, it may even make it into the rant itself w/credit. Until then, sayonara! :D

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