Chapter 5

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Reader's POV

The hand that covered my mouth felt as if I had felt it before. It was dark so I couldn't see. My head started to hurt.

Levin! "Levin no! Move out of the way!" You yelped but used a shield to block Deloria's attack. You grabbed Levin The Iron Fist's hand and ran. His face had a pink tint to it. His hand felt warm. It was enjoyable.

End of FlashBack

Levin? What's he doing here? And why is he covering my mouth. He helped me up, releasing my hand and backing up.

I opened my mouth to say something, but it was quickly interrupted. "Please don't freak out!" Leaving pleaded, waving his hands in front of him, defensively. I nodded my head.

"What are you doing here Levi-" I attempted to say but was interrupted by a man shooting ice, in result of almost hitting me. I looked up and saw a man...Gray? I was going to question his appearance but he walked up to me standing in front of me.

Levin growled, along with Gray. I turned my head questioning and decided to speak up,"Gray it's all right he's nice!" I reassured him flashing a smile. He looked unsure but just nodded. Levin growled again. So did Gray.

Levin spoke up,"(Y/N) it just boggles my mind on the fact that you found such nice people. Hello, my name is Levin (Y/N)'s fellow Divine Warrior. People call me Levin the Iron Heart, pleasure to meet you, Gray was it?" He said giving a smile and holding out his hand. Gray accepted it and nodded to his name.

I whistled. Awkward... I walked over to Levin and hugged him which he gladly accepted. Gray looked furious. "Gray what's wrong?" I asked innocently and turned my head. "Nothing, now come on you're up next. We might miss it if we don't go. You also need to change" I nodded understanding.

I turned to Levin who just made out the face of a smile. I returned it and walked over to Gray's moving figure.

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