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Harry and Ginny walked hand in hand down the dark street leading to Sirius' house.  They had been out for dinner at a muggle restaurant and had to be home by eleven thirty or Molly would worry and Sirius would tease them rotten.

Ginny laid her head on Harry's shoulder and sighed, a feeling of contentment spreading through her.

Little did they know that soon their world would be turned upside down. But for the first time in a long time it would be in a better way than anyone could imagine.

Lily Potter opened her eyes but all she saw was wooden ceiling.
"Why would James put me in a box as a prank, he knows I'm claustrophobic," Lily wondered aloud, beginning to feel anxiety seeping though her veins. She turned slightly, something thin and pencil like nudging her gently in the side. Her wand.

Lily grabbed her wand and pointed it at the ceiling, "Bombarda!" She cried. The box exploded and she sat up. Turning, she saw a  large stone headstone bearing the words 

Lily Potter, 

DoB: January 30th, 1960 

DoD: October 31st, 1981 

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Why was she in a coffin? How could she have died when she was sitting there perfectly fine right now?

Before she could answer, a second, "Bombarda!" Could be heard and James Potter sat up, looking about as confused as she felt.

James stood up and hugged her tightly. "We need to see Dumbledore," He said, calmly and the two stood, turning on the spot and disapparating to the gates outside Hogwarts.

Together, James and Lily Potter walked up the marble staircase towards Dumbledore's office. When the reached the stone Gargoyle, however, it became evident with heir first password guess, that it had been more than just a few weeks or months since thy died.

"Ummm....Cockroach Clusters?" James asked, confidently. The gargoyle didn't move a muscle.

"Fizzing Wizzbees!" Lily tried. 

"Acid Pops!"

"Droobles Best Blowing Gum!"

"Pepper Imps!"

"Sugar Quill!" James had barely finished speaking as the gargoyle stepped aside.

Grinning, the pair linked hands, ascending the revolving spiral staircase.


"Enter!" Dumbledore called out. He was expecting Minerva  to inform him of her choices for fifth-year Gryffindor Prefects. He almost fell out of his seat when he saw two people that looked exactly like James and Lily Potter.

With a wave of his wand he had conjured his patronus and told it to fetch Snape a bring with him a bottle of Vetraserum.

Lily and James took seats in front of Dumbledore's desk and waited for Severus to arrive. They had no idea why Dumbledore wanted to test them with Vetraserum; It was impossible Polyjuice as a dead person. They were starting to suspect he needed confirmation. After all, no magic can reawaken the dead.


Severus Snape looked up as a silvery Phoenix appeared in his office. It spoke in Albus' voice and requested he come to his office immediately, bringing with his a bottle of his strongest Vetraserum.

Taking the oldest bottle in his possession as the potion strengthened over time, Severus made his way up to the office, letting his thoughts wander. Why did Albus need such strong truth potion? Were there currently Death Eaters here, in Hogwarts, apart from himself? No. Death Eaters were tried at the Ministry. Severus snorted. Not that the Ministry were trying Death Eaters in the current climate. Sill, why such strong serum?

Momentarily surprised when he found himself face to face with the stone gargoyle, Snape muttered the password and continued up the stairs.

Dumbledore's voice greeted him. "Come in, Severus." He called out.

Pushing the ornate door open, Severus almost tripped over when he saw who was sitting in front of the desk. His childhood best-friend made eye contact and for a second, Snape stared into Lily's alluring emerald green eyes before she glared at  him and, taking James' hand, turned away again.

Trying not to feel disappointed, Severus looked towards the headmaster. "You wanted to see me."

"Yes. three drops each, please Severus." Dumbledore answered

Hands shaking, Snape lifted a stopper full of clear liquid up and dripped three drops onto Lily and then James' tongue.

Predictably, James answered first. "James Fleamont Potter." (A/N It said on Harry Potter Wikia that Fleamont was James' fathers name so I'm gonna go with that)

"Lily Marie Evans." Lily answered promptly after James. (A/N I just like Marie as Lily's middle name since its not mentioned.)

There was a dull thud from behind as Snape fell to the floor in a dead faint. As he came to he noticed all the occupants of the room staring at him. "Are you okay, Snape?" Lily asked

Snape winced when she used his surname as a reminder of their now non-existent friendship. Standing, he muttered an excuse and fled from the room.

"It's good to have you back, Lily, James." Dumbledore said, still in numb shock.

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