Chapter Ninety Two

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"If you keep rolling your eyes, they're going to roll right out of your head." Charlie toward Anora after the Common Welsh Green was brought into the arena for the next contender.

"Good it would spare me from watching this disaster take place." Anora said shaking her head.

"What's wrong?" Charlie asked confused.

"Charlie, if someone told you that you were going up against a dragon, would your first take be on wearing a skirt?"

Charlie glanced out at the fair blonde who was preparing to enter.

"No, I would not. But that's because skirts don't flatter me very well."

Anora grinned. "Right. I'm telling you that skirt is going to be her downfall, there is a time and a place for them if you like wearing them, but at a tournament where you're facing dragons, it's a not recommended!"

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Charlie said rubbing Anora's arm. "You just have to have a little faith."

"I do. I have all the faith in the dragons."

"I meant...never mind."

To Anora's surprise, Fleur entered the arena with confidence and quickly enchanted the dragon to sleep.

"See?" Charlie smirked at her.

"Yeah, yeah." Anora grumbled.

They watched as Fleur traveled through the rocky terrain to retrieve the egg but suddenly as she passed the dragon, the Common Welsh let out a loud snore projecting a jetstream of fire directly at Fleur.

The girl managed to dodge the flame, and stood up with a triumphant smile only to notice that her skirt had caught fire.

She screeched in a panic trying to put out the flames.

Anora laughed until Charlie gave her a look.

"What? Oh come on, that was pretty funny. I told you the skirt was a bad idea. Fashion over function doesn't not work in everyone's favor. It won't pay to wear nice clothing, with your arse covered in burns."

A few students nearby snickered while Charlie pulled Anora into a gentle headlock.

"Let's just be honest here, Anora," he said, "you're just rooting for the dragons."

"You're damn right I am. Go dragons!"

If Charlie thought Anora was reaching her fiery nature so far in the tournament, he had no idea what was coming as Victor Krum was the next champion in the line up.

The Chinese Fireball was placed in the arena, Anora knew the dragon quite well. One of the newer nesting females, it was her first year with her eggs. So of course, she was incredibly territorial over her nest and potential offspring to ensure their survival.

By the look of the boy entering the arena next, Anora was not impressed, instead she could tell that she didn't like him without the announcer even announcing his name yet.

"I don't like him." she told Charlie who laughed at her blunt announcement.

"You don't even know him, love."

"I didn't know Mariso...Carmen whatever the bloody hell her name was, I didn't need to know her to know I didn't like her right off the bat."

"Be nice, Anora."

"You know it wouldn't kill you to be mean every once in a while."

Victor Krum took to the arena where the female dragon eyed him instantly. Her tail coiled around her eggs protectively.

All while students cheered on the boy, they had really no idea what the dragons were going through trying to protect their eggs from the intruders in the new strange and loud environment.

He tried to dodge the dragon in several different attempts but the dragon was not about to let him come anywhere near her nest.

She was a beautiful dragon, as Anora often admired her from a distance. Scarlet in color with golden spikes as fringe, with her amber gaze focused on the boy threatening her nest.

Unlike many other dragons in the sanctuary and despite the name, Chinese Fireballs were some of the least aggressive dragons. They were the ones that tolerated other dragons in their territory, and even shared areas.

But the dragon was in no mood to share currently.

She seemed to be doing a great job at keeping the boy from her nest but the next move would leave her unable to protect her eggs.

Victor used the Conjunctivitis Curse on the dragon, causing the eyes to become severely irritated. Within a matter of a few seconds, her eyes were swelled shut.

"He can't do that!" Anora growled, but her mouth dropped in horror as the dragon stumbled back from her sudden loss of vision and crushed several of her own eggs.

'No! That's it!" she tried to climb over the wall of the arena while Charlie held her back.

"I'll kill that little-"

Victor retrieved his egg, calling the crowd to applaud him.

Anora finally pulled away from Charlie's arms and made her way over to the officials.

"He should be disqualified!"

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