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"I'm a radar technician and i work here"

"Oh wow me too." I replied
He texted me saying
"Which department? Maybe ive seen you before?"
"Probably. Im one of the head engineers in the north wing."
"Are you the one who yelled at me for not understanding how to re-wire the castigator?"
I shook my head reading that "lol no, that wasnt me. My job is to monitor the screens for abnormalities in the north wing. I dont really go one to one with technicians anymore. I just got promoted!" I smiled
He replied back fast "i see. So you're quite fast indeed."
"I know this is sudden but as you know there is the dinner coming up. Would you like to be my date."
I rose my brow in surprise and texted back
"Yeah sure! I was wondering the same about you!"
"So it appears we have connected already."
I laughed out loud as i shook my head.

"I laughed out loud as i shook my head

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"Let's meet up now." He texted.
I was a little bit caught off guard since i havent had this before. But i digressed
"Uh sure? Where?"
"Where are you?"
"Im in the cafeteria"
Suddenly i felt a tap on my shoulder
I jumped a bit as i saw his face.

"Oh ! Hey!" I waved casually trying to mask my shocked expression.
"I see you're in surprise that i was close by."
I chuckled awkwardly. "Well yeah? You know, a complete stranger and they find me?"
"It wasn't hard. You're the only decent female worker around here and your giggly aroma radiates quite passionately among your peers."
I wasn't too sure if I should be flattered or insulted but I shrugged my shoulders and allowed myself to play along. "Well now that I met you - hello."

I gave my hand out to shake his, he stared at it instead and nodded respectably. "Ah yes - sorry I am new here." He finally took my hand and shook it. "So again, the dinner?"
I pulled the seat beside me "why dont you tell me about yourself Matt?"
He sat beside me and placed his hands under the table. "I am a radar technician"
"Haha - yes i know that but tell me about yourself?"
"I work here?"

"Oh uh- like... What do you like? What's your favourite food?"
"Oh i see I forgot this was a dating ritual - I like doing my job and I admire Kylo Ren and my favourite food is spaghetti."
I nodded interestingly "nice nice- i like that too-!"
"What do you think about kylo ren?"

"W-who me? I think he's great! Kinda intimidating but deep down I know he has a strength that can pretty much woo a lot of women."
"Would you ever go on a date with kylo ren?"
"Well yeah!? Why not? But hes my boss, he's our boss. So (awkward giggle) it would be bad if i did.."
"What if he wanted to go on a date with you. Would you allow it?"
I nodded "yeah of course, but im going on a date with you Matt."
"You should go out with Kylo Ren. I can call him if you want."
I grabbed his hand before he got up and left. "No matt-! Just stay with me as you are and we can go together. Dont worry about it."

"Do you not want to be with the great Kylo Ren?!"
"I do! But im with you. And id like to know you more. Besides he scares me haha. He seems like the kind who wouldnt listen to what I have to say.."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, i was offered a position to design a better weapon for the first order but i havent answered yet cause i was worried he wouldn't like it."
"Whats your idea?"

"A ship like the Eclipse but instead of one planet we use 3 and the resistance would have no choice but to surrender. As well, instead of placing the cooling compactor as a way to maintain the intensity of the sun. We use a ventilation system used by the planets organic lithosphere like how - an internal core is used inside an already established habituating planet."
"Interesting... It feels like talking to General Hux might help you with that."
"I see! Maybe i can ask him and he can ask Kylo?"
"Why don't you tell me I'm close friends with Kylo Ren."
"Are you really?"

"Whats his favourite color?"
"Red and Black"
"Doesn't enjoy music"
"Hello Joe cookies."
"Trick question - alcohol or natural"
"Beer and blue milk"
"Favourite past time?"  
" sitting and staring at darth vaders helmet."
"How do you know all this?"
"L-like i said. Im his friend."
"Huh... Interesting. Okay! Well what about you? All those questions?"
"Its the same."
"Oh...i see?"

He grabs my hand and starts walking
"W-where are we going?!"
"Secret spot kylo ren has."
"W-wait! Matt!!"

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