~Part 1~

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¤ Y/N = Your Name ¤
¤ L/N = Last Name ¤

♥Part 1♥


You are playing with a young boy around a year older than you. He has brown hair and green eyes. You were playing hide and seek in his castle he lived in. You were hiding in a closet . He was now close to giving up, he stood outside the closet, you giggled on accident, that gave it away he turned and opened the closet. "Ha. Found ya!!" He laughed. "Noooo, not fair, you made me giggle," You pout. "C'mon Y/N I won fair and square! Anyway payback for hiding in the best spot!!" He giggled then picked you up and put you on the ground amd tickled you. " NOO, STOP VYLAD!!! AHH!!" Yoy laughed. Vylad was your best friend,

<End of flashback>

You wake up and gasp for air, A man called out, " SHE'S AWAKE!!!"

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