I Promise I Won't Tell

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The next day my mommy, daddy, and sissy got back home. I never told them about what happened last night or that John raped me. Well I guess when you like it it's not considered rape. I was 13 and liked to have sex. I felt gross and horrible about it but I wanted it so bad now.


"Honey, how was you birthday?" Mommy asked.

"It was awesome, I loved it." I said.

"Was it because John was here?" She said evilishly.

"Uhh sure wow." I said.

"Well John is going to be here again. Without you sister, he will be here everyday alone with you." Mommy said.

"Uhh, when does that start?" I asked.

"Right now, bye honey love you." Mommy said.

"What, mom right now?!" I said mad.

"Yup by sweety!" Mommy said as she left our home.

When John got there I was worried he would want me to have sex with him again. I may want it really bad but I'm still sore and feel gross about myself.

"Hey Hannah, what do you want to do?' he winked' " John asked.

"Uhh I need to go up to my room for a while." I said stuttering.

"Are you sure about that!!!!!!" Jog bed screamed.

"What the fuck John what's wrong with that?" I asked freaked out.

"You re going to STAY down here and have sex with me!" He yelled.

"I don't want to right now John." I said back.

"Hannah, you make me feel different then other girls do. I want to fuck you and fuck you hard! I have urges for you, so lets go into you parents room!" John said loud but trying to be calm.

"John I really don't want to right now." I simply stated.

"Hannah! Your parents room NOW!!" John screamed.

A chill ran down my back when he screamed. I did want to have sex with him, I have urges for him too. So I ran into my parents room, undressed so he wouldn't scream at me for not having that done already. I laid in the bed and hoped it wouldn't hurt again. Then John came in also naked and went over to my parents draw and took out a condom. I didn't even know my parents had condoms, it kind of grosses me out that my parents could be doing the same thing I am.

"Hey Hannah, you ready for this?" John said.

*My urges kicked in and I wanted him more than ever right now.*

"Oh yes I am!! I want you so fucking bad right now, just drill me!" I almost screamed.

"Oh you got it baby!" John said jumping onto the bed.

It actually didn't hurt but I like it. He hovered over me and stuck his dick in my vagina and when slowly at first. He kissed me on the neck making me moan. I wanted it now and hard. I whispered in his ear "Harder" and he went harder and harder. He pumped in and out, we were both moaning in joy. It felt so good I wanted this to go on forever. "Keep going John, this is great!" I screamed. John pumped and pumped his dick in and put of me. I moaned in peer bliss. He kept pumping harder and harder for a very long time. Then warm juice was in me.

, it felt weird. John pulled out and said that he had cummed.

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