Amber's PoV
It's been five years. Five years of being stuck in this God forsaken castle. My parents, well my father, was dead... He didn't get his 1up... My... Lovely mother didn't even try, she gave up on me. My friends... I miss them so much... My friends... I-I wonder how they've been doing... I miss All of them...

I heard the rattle of bones as the dry bones formed together again.

"Master! Prisoner is still not talking, sir. " one of the two dry bones guarding me announced.

"Well why the hell haven't you gotten her to speak?!"

"Because I don't want to!" I yelled out to him. Him. The king of the Koopa.
"Just because I'm a princess doesn't mean I have to speak! You aren't my parents! I do not care what you say!" I yelled at him through the cage, my voice cracking.

When I looked through the bars I was very surprised. That wasn't the king.
"B-Bowser junior..." I breathed out in relief. He sent the guards away and sat down.

"Princess Amber. Pleasure to finally meet you..."

Lindsey PoV
"Okay... So we know that Amber is at Bowser's castle but we don't know which one it is. She could be in any of his castles around the world... I say we split up, everyone with a partner." Jon said as he stared at a map.

"Well we know that he won't be in the first three worlds. Best bet is him being in the middle. Not even his final castle... Or..." I trailed off as I started to think.

"Or what?"

"What if he was in a secret world? The star world above world eight."  I mumbled as I looked at the map.
"Or what if he's at the center of the universe..."

"But. That's impossible. Remember? Rosalina banned him from going to space..." Emile Said.

"But... What if this is a different Bowser. One that nobody has met before. Or one that was never banned from space..."


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