Chapter 8✔

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It was thankfully Saturday and I leisurely woke up at 10. Slowly, I brushed my teeth and ran downstairs finding suitcases at the bottom near the doorway.

Quietly sighing I had an immediate thought running through my head 'We're moving again.' Walking into the kitchen, I saw mom and dad.

"Hey mom, hey dad. What's with the suitcases in the hall?" I inquired whilst finding a leather counter chair to sit on.

"Sweetie me and your dad need to say something," she solemnly said while looking at dad.

"Where going away on a business trip. It's for your mom's new clothing line and I will be joining her."

"Okay?" They've been away before, it's nothing new so I wondered why they were making such a big deal.

"This time it's going to be a little different, we are going for 3 months. Your mother needs more time to sort the fashion show and the business out." 3 months. Alone at home. Awesome I thought smiling to myself.

"And you will be staying at Megans house. I have asked and she will be expecting you today. Your dad and I will be leaving at 12," mom said

"What! Why can't I stay at home like always?" I groaned.

"Were going for 3 months," she deadpanned, "Now go upstairs and pack your bag. You will have your keys but you have to stay with Megan and she is happy that you will be living with her."

"Okay," I conceded grumpily and went upstairs to my room.

I started packing 2 suitcases while thinking about Carlos, it's going to be harder with the bet.

When I was done I picked some leggings and a tank top and went to the bathroom, for a shower.

Taking my suitcases down fully clothed and showered, I found Megan in the kitchen chatting happily with mom and dad.

"Are you ready?" Mom called. Nodding toward moms, both mom and dad enclosed me in a tight squeeze and took my suitcases to nextdoor.

"Are you ready. I can't to have a little girl time!" Megan excitedly said as we walked into my new home.

Giving her a small smile, "Yeh."

"You can take the guest room. It's opposite Carlos's room."

Nodding at her, I started to take my suitcases upstairs to the guest bedroom, I found it was very similar to my own room at home, just the colouring was different with the 2 walls being grey and the others white and dark fluffy grey carpet.

It had simplistic furniture, with a big daybed (that actually pulled out to be a double), a wardrobe, a set of drawers and a bedside table. The walls were adorned with a few shelves and ikea shelf boxes.

Laying on the grey and white checked bedding, I started to get lost in my thoughts to find that 30mins had passed by.
As I didn't know if anyone was in the building, I got up and crept downstairs finding Megan reading a cook book in the kitchen.

"Hey do you need any help?" I politely asked

"Well, I'm trying to make a cake. I'm very bad at cooking or baking," she exclaimed.

"Oh I love baking. What cake are you making?"

"A vanilla sponge. Come on and help me."

Megan and I made the cake and when we finally finished I escaped upstairs into my new bedroom. Laying on my stomach on the comfy daybed for a few minutes scrolling through social media. 5 minutes later, Carlos strolled in,

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