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Chapter 1

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hanna pov

I walked around rosewood at around 11 PM and it's down pouring. why am I walking around this late and in the rain? good question. I needed to get away somehow. police, Alison, the others. caleb. it's all too much. I know we were in that dollhouse and it was horrible but I want to move on, not remember it. and as much as I love caleb? he's suffocating me. "are you okay? can I get you anything? foot rub?" okay...maybe not the foot rub part but you get the point.

I saw a very old looking cabin. run down. I heard rustling and I jumped, fearing a damned bear would jump out at any moment. but when I saw a shirt outside on a clothing hanger I realized it was a person.

"hello?" I asked cautiously as I approached the cabin.

I lightly pushed the door open and frowned at the filth filling the cabin. "anyone here?" I  whispered into the dark night. I walked forward and gasped when my foot hit something. when I looked down I realized that it was a person.

"cece?"I said in shock.

the blonde girl opened her eyes and looked up at me, "hey hanna."

"what are you doing out here? it's freezing. and raining." I said, confused as to why she was here.

"well I uh-"

"and Alison said you went off to paris."

"I know but-"

"you can't stay in here. you're shivering and-"

"okay marin. if you want me to explain you're going to have to shut up." cece said and chuckled.

"right. sorry. carry on." I said and flashed a guilty grin. "I came back but the cops are hounding me. they know I killed Darren and I am not going to do well in jail. I need to hide out so they can't find me and this cabin is perfectly off the radar. now. what are you doing out here Barbie?"

I crossed my arms and quirked an eyebrow up in the air, "I am just going for a walk."

cece grew a wide smirk on her face, "in the pouring rain? at 11 pm?"

I scoffed, "alright let's just...forget this happened. deal? I don't want to talk about it and now you are coming home with me." I grabbed her bag from the floor and threw her clothes in it.

"are you crazy? you can't take in someone from the streets and hospitalize them." she said with a laugh and I smiled warmly.

"I've done it before. let's go. I have a place you can stay."

"how do I know you won't turn me in?" she tested me and I sighed, "I guess you'll just have to trust me. think you can handle that?"

she sat silently, just staring at me and she stood up.

"fine. a test trial. but I don't want to be a burden."

"relax. nobody will know." I said and walked outside.

she followed and we walked in the shadows to my house as the cold rain pierced my skin.

"here." a hushed voice said and I felt a warm jacket being put over my shoulders. "oh no I can't-"

"yes you can. I don't want you to get sick because you're helping me. i'll be fine." cece said and I nodded as we reached my front door a good half hour later.

I put a finger to my lips, telling her to not make a noise and we walked into the house.

i opened the door to the basement and walked downstairs with her.

"here. you can stay here. there's a bathroom in the back and a shower. i will bring down more towels, shampoo and conditioner. there's extra boxes of soap in that closet. take these." i got blankets and pillows for her and threw them down on the couch.

"this should be good enough. my mom will be gone all weekend and tomorrow is Friday. she leaves for work at 7. i will check on you before school. do not leave this house when someone is around to see. got it?" i said everything and cece was listening the whole time. not rolling her eyes or making fun of me. listening. she was actually listening.

"yeah. sure. no problem."

i smiled, "good. see you in the morning." i patted her shoulder and went upstairs to shower and get to bed.

let's hope this goes well.


the first cenna book!

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