Chapter 7✔

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Waking as usual by my blaring alarm clock, I leisurely got out of bed heading towards the bathroom for a quick shower.

After my shower, I walked over to my closet and got changed.( outfit on side)

Grabbing my sunglasses, sliding them up my head, and sandals, as it was good weather outside. Running downstairs, I picked up my school bag and slung it over my shoulder and I found my parents chatting to each other in the kitchen.

"Morning." I called.

"Morning," they happily responded.

Mom gave me a plate of the best pancakes in the world, I added Nutella to them and began scoffing them down. After finishing them, I brushed my teeth and ran to my car.

When I finally got to hell, I smoothly parked my car at the front just before Jasmine. Getting out, I put my finger up at her and sashayed inside towards my locker, where I found Skylar.

"Hey Skylar."

"Hey Liya. What happened yesterday?"

"I was sent home and jasmine did her acting and I got a warning," I recalled whilst frowning as I still annoyed at Jasmine.

Suddenly, someone wrapped their arms around my waist and popped their chin on my shoulder.

"Morning babe," Carlos sweetly said while, kissing my cheek.

"Oh hey baby. How are you?" Kissing his cheek I smirked up at him.

"Great now that I saw you," he replied while giving me a crooked grin.

"Skylar, this is my boyfriend Carlos. Carlos this is my good friend - Skylar," I introduced.

"Hey," he smirked and just then Jasmine arrogantly strutted towards me with her minions.

"What's going on here?" she demanded, whilst glaring me.

"Jasmine, this is my boyfriend Carlos. I'm sure you know him right," I smugly said.

Smirking at her as her jaw dropped,

"Boyfriend" she stated in disbelief.

"Babe can you walk with me to my class?" I asked turning towards Carlos.

"Sure blue eyes," as he held my hand and strolled away from the group, with eyes staring holes at our backs.

"Blue eyes. Really?" I whispered to him.

"Yeah, you have blue eyes now where's your class?" he smirked at me.


When we finally to my class he stopped and pulled me to him so my face was against his chest, showing out height difference.

"Not a kiss?!" He said in mock disbelief.

"Don't call me blue eyes," I stated smugly.

"Okay, okay. I'll call you... Rose. Now a kiss." He demanded. Stepping on my tip-toes I gave him a kiss on the cheek and escaped quickly.

"Hey!" He indignantly called, hearing this I blew him a kiss and everyone was shocked as he walked away.



t was, thank God, lunch hour and Skylar and I were heading toward our table, when Carlos came out of nowhere.

"Sit with me Rose. Come on baby," as he took my tray and walked to a table right at the back.

Skylar sat down on the bench and as I was just about to when Carlos pulled me onto his lap.

"Oh hey Shortie,"

"Hey James bond." I said, I scanned table to see another guy sat there.

"That's kyle" Jorden stated.

"Hey," I said as he nodded back to me in response.

"Ok then," I muttered getting up from Carlos's lap and sitting on a seat next to him, looking back at him I saw him cutely pouting down at me.

"So who are you?" Jorden asked Skylar

"Skylar." She responded.

"Like the sky." Skylar smiled shyly at him. Just then I saw Jasmine stomped towards our table and leaned down a with her cleavage in front of Carlos and looked down at him.

"Hey Carlos. Can you help me with something?" She flirted, while batting her mascara stained lashing and pulling a fake smile on her lips.

"No." He bluntly stated whilst wrapping an arm around me and slightly leaning onto me, closing off the conversation.

"Okay." She said annoyed, whilst narrowing her eyes at me and flipped her hair and walked away from our table.

"Come on let's get to class," Skylar prompted.

School was over and I went outside to my car. Driving home, I parked my car just as I saw Carlos parking his bike. Opening the door, I paced over to him.

"Come to my house and we will start practising," I ordered him.

"'kay" following me up the driveway into my house and upstairs to my bedroom.

"Where are your parents?" He asked, while going over to sit on my bed.

"Work." I simply replied, whilst grabbing my laptop.

"So listen to this and I'll be back in a second," pressing play to the edited song, I made yesterday.

Going to my closet, I put on a maroon tank top with a low neckline and some black leggings, pacing over to my bathroom, I changed quickly as I heard the song finishing.

"So how was it?" I asked and getting my laptop off him.


"Ok, so stand up and let's get started."

As I saw him standing up, I started telling him my vision of the dance,

"I was thinking we could do some lifts as well. So stand behind me and put your arm around me and with the other move it up," whilst showing him how to do it.

"Ok," he said whilst trying out the move.

"Perfect. Now you have to pick me up and turn around." I said

"Really" he questioned

"Yeah hun with these muscles I know you can do it," I said kissing his cheek and he smirked

"Don't drop me okay" I said to him just as he picked me up and turned around


After a couple of hours Carlos called an end to our practice,

"Woah that's it," Carlos huffed obviously tired and laid on my bed.

"Fine. We can try the next step tomorrow or something," drinking some more water.

"Ok then I'm off. See you later Rose." Getting up to kiss my cheek.

"It's Liya!" I corrected exasperated with the constant nicknames, instead of my real nickname.

"I know. But I'm going to call you rose," he smirked, disappearing downstairs and then I heard a loud banging of the door closing.

Ordering pizza for myself, I ate it downstairs while watching the TV.

After a couple of episodes of 'Friends' and finishing my pizza, I ran upstairs to my room to watch movies on Netflix. It was about 11 when I closed my laptop and let sleep succumb me
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