21- A Friend Named Martin

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Stiles' POV

I look in the mirror as I attempt to tie my tie. Isaac already tried to showed me how to do this shit. Why is it so fucking difficult? I groan and undo the mess I just made.

The door opens and Lydia steps into my room. She's wearing a black dress and black high heels on her feet. My eyes widen as I take her in. Fuck, she's gorgeous.

"Earth to shit-face," She says, waving a hand in front of me. I blush and clear my throat.

"Hey," I force out. She looks at me oddly but then brushes it off.

"Need help with the tie?" Lydia asks. I look down at the black material and bite my lip. I nod. She walks closer to me and puts her hands on it.

"Stand still," She orders.

I watch as she moves her hands. She looks so attentive while doing my tie. When she's finished, she pulls away. I clutch her wrist, pulling her back to me.

"Thanks," I say, in a low voice.

"Yeah," She responds, "No problem."

A take a step forward but she takes a step back.

"Meet me in the car when you're done," She tells me. Lydia turns on her heel and walks out of my room, the door quietly clicking shut behind her.

I sigh and put the jacket over my white long-sleeved dress shirt. Why didn't she let me kiss her? I groan and pick up my keys. I leave my room.

I jog down my stairs and say goodbye to Melissa. She waves and I exit the house.

Isaac's POV

"Can you at least give me a hint?" I ask. I give Scott a cheeky smile as he looks over at me.

"I can," He replies with a smirk, "But I won't." He focuses back on the road as he drives. I pout.

When we come to a red light, Scott stops and looks at me once again. He quickly leans over and pecks me on the lips.

"I love you," Scott says with a bright smile.

"I love me too," I sarcastically reply and he chuckles.

"Oh yeah?"


He grabs my hand and puts the other back on the steering wheel. The light turns green and the car starts moving again. As he drives, his thumb draws shapes on the back of my hand soothingly. Our fingers intertwine and I smile.

"I love you," I tell him and I blush hard. He grins but keeps his eyes on the road.

"I know," He murmurs. He looks at me quickly through the mirror.

He pulls into a parking lot and I look up. We're at Ronaldo's, a really popular restaurant in Beacon Hills. I look down at my clothes. I feel underdressed.

Scott rests a hand on my shoulder. I sigh and he places a finger under my chin. He leans over the cup holders and attaches his lips to mine. My hand grips the back of his head and I tug him closer to me.

"What's wrong?" He murmurs against my lips. "You want to go somewhere else?"

"I feel like I'm not dressed appropriately for this place," I tell him with a shrug.

"You look fine," He assures me, "Handsome as always." He kisses me quickly on the lips and I crack a smile.

Stiles POV

As I walk through the doors of the funeral home, I notice my dad talking to my uncle. My father looks pissed. I look over at Lydia, who's already looking up at me.

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