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Annyeong, my lovely chingus. Hope you guys enjoy this story.

Na Young's POV

Hey, my name is Na Young, Choi Na Young. My best friend is Park Ji Min and Park Seol Hi. For your information, they are not siblings.

I've had a crush on this guy, Kim Tae Hyung, but he's too good for me. He's also the school's badass. He probably doesn't care about me or wants to be friends with me but there might be chances since one of his best friend is also my best friend, Park Ji Min.

" Na Young-ah ! What are you thinking about ? " Seol Hi waved her hand in front of my face to wake me up from my lovely daydream I'm having in class. It's Chemistry period right now and I am really bad at it.

" Nothing. " I sat straight and tried to pay attention to the teacher but the words are such a bore that I can't concentrate.

" You're probably thinking about Tae Hyung. " Seol Hi started poking at my sides. I glared at her. I hate it when people poke me. It's really annoying.

" Fine, fine. I'm sorry. I'll stop poking you now. " Seol Hi raise her hands up in defeat.

" Okay, class. Since it's almost the end of class, I'll be giving you guys homework. " Mrs. Jung said. Everyone groans from hearing the word homework.

" Kim Tae Hyung-sshi. Why are you looking at Choi Na Young-sshi like that ? We have homework here. " Mrs. Jung scolded Tae Hyung, probably because he's acting weirdly. Wait. Looking at me ? I turn to his side to see him staring at me and he suddenly smiled at me, more like smirking.

The school bell rang, signalling the end of school. I'm so tired. I went to my locker to pack my things. I closed it to see Park Ji Min smirking.

" What ? Why are you smirking ? " I asked and closed the locker while walking out of the school.

" Yah ! You forgot to take home your Chemistry book. We have homework ! " Ji Min shouted. Oh shoot, I totally forgot about that. I ran back to my locker to take my Chemistry book when someone stopped me from opening my locker. I heard Ji Min gasped.

" Hey. " I turn to see Kim Tae Hyung. Ugh, what is he doing here ? All he do to me is bully me.

" Tae Hyung-ah. You don't have to do this, you know. " Ji Min tried to stop him.

" Go away, Ji Min. Mind your own business. " Tae Hyung shoo-ed Ji Min away but he stood still.

" I'm accompanying her home and I'm her friend. So it is my business too. " Ji Min glared at Tae Hyung. This two seriously.

" I just have to talk to her. " Tae Hyung calmed Ji Min down. Ji Min tend to get into a fight if he's pissed off.

" Fine. Don't be long. I'll wait outside. " Ji Min said to me and glared at Tae Hyung. Sometimes, I wonder how these two are friends.

" What ? What do you want to say to me ? Say it now. " I said, pushing his hand off my locker and he let me pull it off, which is unusual.

" Would you, ugh, how do I say this ? " Tae Hyung scratched the back of his neck, which is very weird. Ji Min said he only did that if he's nervous.

" What ? Say what ? " I said as I took out my book and closed the locker.

" Ugh, never mind. " he left. What the heck was that ?


" So, what did Tae Hyung tell you ? " Ji Min asked as he accompany me home.

" Nothing. He hesitated on telling me and then left. " I curled my eyebrows and faced Ji Min. He just shrugged.

" Anyway, where's Seol Hi ? " he asked, trying to change the subject.

" She went home early. Her mom's sick. " I explained. Ji Min nodded and we parted ways.


" Mom, I'm home ! " I shouted as I got through the door.

" Hey sweetie. " mom smiled at me and I went up to my room.

Hey, Na Young-KTH

A message popped up. KTH ? Who the hell is that ?

Who are you ?-NY

Kim Tae Hyung. You're such a pabo.-KTH

Kim Tae Hyung ? How did he get my number ? Probably Ji Min.

What do you want ?-NY

I have a favor to ask from you.-KTH

What favor ?-NY

Will you go out with me ? Just for a dinner. My parents said that they want to meet my girlfriend, I lied to them about having a girlfriend.-KTH

There's lots of girls. Why me ? And why did you lie to them that you have a girlfriend ?-NY

Other girls sucks. I have to lie, there's something that make my family believe that I should get married as soon as I graduate. Will you ? Please ?-KTH

Go out with Kim Tae Hyung ? My crush ? But he's using me. Should I ask Ji Min about this ?

Ok then, that's for now. I'm still really stiff while typing this story since it's just the first chapter of this story. Don't forget to vote.

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