Chapter 6✔

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Morning classes surprisingly flew by and now it was lunch.

Skylar and I went to the cafeteria and bought our lunches sat down at our table in the corner.

In the middle of eating, I felt something soggy fall on my head. Looking up, I saw the queen bee, Jasmine smugly smirking at me.

"Oops, my hand slipped," she sneered, while faking an apologetic expression.
Standing up, I grabbed the nearest thing to me which was my coke bottle, opened it and stalked over to her dropping the sticky liquid on her hair.

"Oops, my hand slipped," I repeated, while snidely grinning at her.

"You bitch!" She shrieked, as everyone turned to stare at us after hearing those oh-so-hurtful words.

"Bitch is a female dog and they bark and bark is found on trees and trees are nature and nature is beautiful, so I want to thank you for the compliment," I cruelly simpered, with a sudden 'ooh's and 'burn's from the crowd we had created.

"What?!" She screamed confused.

"Yeah, I knew you were a dumb bitch, I knew you wouldn't understand," I viciously stated, while removing the contents from my head, that turned out to be spaghetti

"Ugh! I. Hate. You!" She snarled, picking up spaghetti from her friends tray and threw it on me.

"Oh now it's on bitch," I mumbled, annoyed and got mash potatoes from my plate and rubbed it on her face.

"I like the new look," I stated sarcastically.

"Food fight," someone hailed. It was like a bomb hit the school, everyone immediately threw food at each other, whilst Skylar ran to hide under the table. Picking up Skylar's pasta I threw it at Jasmine.

"Stay away from me." I warned threateningly, just as someone blew a whistle.

"Stop everyone now or detention." The principal shouted heatedly but right after that someone threw pasta on his blazer, looking around I saw that it was Jorden

"Hey sir. You got a little something on your jacket," he said comically, with that the crowds of people started a nervous laugh.

"Detention now!" He said sharply. Jorden rolled his eyes and leisurely strolled out.

"Who started this mess?" The principal demanded and Jasmine, being a bitch, pointed at me.

"Hey! It was you first." I said indignantly putting my hands up in protest.

"Follow me. Both of you." He ordered. Annoyed, I huffed and picked my bag up and trailed after him with jasmines irritating heels clicking behind me.

We went to his office and he sat down in his seat and stared at us.

"Jasmine. Tell me what happened," he requested.

"Sir, I was walking, I slipped on a chip on the floor and my food fell on her. I said sorry but she wouldn't listen and she threw her food on me!" Jasmine whined while tears welled up in her eyes.

Crossing my arms, I squinted dangerously at her, he's never going to believe that bullshit.

"I am extremely disappointed in you Rosaline. You're still new and it hasn't even been a week and you're already messing around." My jaw dropped to the floor.

"What so she cry's a little, and it's all my fault," I stated in disbelief and in exasperation, I threw my hands up in the air.

"Jasmine has been kind to everyone and she said it was an accident. Now as your new this is your first warning or else it would be detention. You both can go home and get changed. Off you go," he dismissed and Jasmine strutted out, with me following her.

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