Real Hair

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I sat in the chair by the computer taking out my last 3 braids. Finally I'm done. I got up from the chair and walked upstairs to get into the shower. I washed my hair and conditioned it so all the new growth would come in and the old would wash out. I stopped getting perms last year because I wanted my hair to be curly. It's not working so well. I got out of the shower and put a towel around my body.

"La da di. La da do." I sung looking in my hair products selection. I took off the towel and changed into some more comfy clothes.

I dragged the stool from under my vanity and sat down. I comb out my kinks and put moisturizer on it. Then I blow dried it. I got up after all my hair was blow dried to get my straightener. I took a picture for the snap. Captioning it 'Lion Queen 🐯'. My hair was so puffy.

After I straightened all my hair I took another picture. Captioning it 'Classy Queen 👸'. I couldn't stop running my hand through my hair. It was so soft and it smelt good.

"Babe. Im home!" I heard Justin call from downstairs. I jumped up and ran downstairs. "Hey baby." I said giggling. "Hey ba-" Justin stop and stared at me. "What? Is there something on my face??" I worriedly rubbed my hand over my face. "No. It's just...your hair is so cute. What happened?" He said running his hand through it. I laughed. "It's my real hair." I said. Since we've been together he's never seen my real hair. Horrible I know. "Why have you never worn it before?" He said touching it again. "Because it wasn't as long before and I wanted it to grow out." I said. "Well it's gorgeous. I can't wait to pull it." He said smirking. "Justin!" I whined.

Short and quick bc i just took down my hair. 😂

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