A Demon's Aesthetics

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"Can demons love?" His contractor asked. The demon chuckled to himself. It was not the first time he heard this particularly superficial question. But that was the only time he was interested enough to explain the only alleged answer to such question. After all, he was pretty sure that the ebony-haired and hazel-eyed girl staring expectantly at him would appreciate any story that revolves around the puny little word called love.

"Why do you wish to know, young miss?" The demon retorted, displaying his wicked smirk. The foolish girl bit her lower lip before answering.

"Well, I was just wondering if a demon such as yourself would be foolish enough to do something like I did.." She mumbled softly, averting her hazel orbs towards the ground. The creature from hell wanted nothing more than to burst out into fits after fits of laughter at the girl's statement. But of course he kept it to himself, it was against his aesthetic to mock his contractor no matter how bloody hare-brained they might be. Why would a high and mighty creature such as himself would want to lower down to the ranks of her kind for something as revolting as the concept of love?

He smiled briefly, reaching his hand towards the loose locks of her hair and tucking it behind her small ear.

"Tell you what, I'll let you in about the story of each demon's curse..."


His eyes rapidly fluttered open, taking time to adjust at the dimly lit room that enclose him. Gaze instantaneously centering upon the young earl's unmarred porcelain-doll-like face. He cocked his head sidewards, smirking as he drowned his thoughts with the sleeping boy's effeminate features, momentarily setting his previous vision at the back of his head. The sleeping child was none other than, his current contractor; which he found quite the challenge. The boy may appear like an angel but that seemingly small mouth can maim and bring any tyrant to their feet with his harsh and piercing words, those doe-like, round, and captivating eyes can deduce a glare sharp enough to put a knife to shame. The demon had always been fond of challenges, it was surely rare encountering a master that will not only surge up his appetite, but also provide such jolly good entertainment. Maybe that's why he was rather fond of the boy himself.

The boy started tossing and turning abruptly against the pristine white sheets of his queen-sized bed.

Ah, it has already started..

The demon thought, inching the chair closer to the bedside. He took the amusement of watching his proud and arrogant young master unravel before him, plagued by the same nightmares each night. He leaned towards the writhing boy, lips almost touching the shell of his ear while he gently stroke the boy's slate hair.

"Just call my name, my lord. Call my name and utter your command." He whispered, smirk widens as he anticipated the outcome of his ludicrous action. The hidden mark covered by the boy's lidded eye started to glow, as well as his gloved hand bearing the same symbol, that very symbol that binds their contract together. The boy's lips started to part, as his confident voice boomed across the wide and hollow chamber.

"Sebastian... I order you to kill them, all of them!" The demon chuckled, as he bowed his head and placed his hand over his un beating heart.

"Yes, my lord..." He whispered yet again against the boy's ear.


The demon made his way back to his master's chamber. He parted the heavy curtains to let the the rays of sun reach the sleeping child. The boy groaned and covered his head with a pillow. Sebastian pulled the pillow from his master which earned another groan from the stubborn child.

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