DONGHYUK ~ Playful Bet

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Note: Short chap again sorry T_T



"______! It so boring today!" Donghyuk yawned and looked at me. I just glanced away.

"Yaaah I'm sorry! I really didn't mean to tease you because of your funny laugh pffft." He chuckled again. I poked his arm and crossed my arms.

"Just shut up okay." His face turned into a sad expression. Aish he's so cute while doing that. But I'm still mad at him!

"Okay okay. I'll make a bet just for fun." I raised an eyebrow on him.

"If I make you smile and blush again, you will treat me an ice cream. If you won and I can't make you smile, I will buy you a plushie. Your fave ones. Deal?" He even did a goodluck sign on his thumb. I sighed and nodded.

"But! No touching of skin! Don't even try to steal a kiss from me you freak." He chuckled.

"Hahaha don't worry I won't. Promise."

"You're being so childish again Donghyuk. Okay. Now, as you said, make me smile and blush. If you can." I smirked and he just winked at me. I'm so weak when it comes to him. I know he will win.

"Stand first." I did what he said. I stood up. My soul was about to separate away from my body when he pushed me, leaning on the wall. His both hands touching the wall behind my head.

I closed my eyes in surprise.

"Nah you can't close your eyes." When I slightly opened my eyes, he's already in front of my face with only 1 inch space. I can even feel his breath!

"I love you." Right in this moment, I smiled in disguise, with my face burning. I think I am already blushing damn. I need a fire extuingisher.

Now he got me and he wins.

"Gotcha ______. Only my I love you can make you smile huh. I love you!" Donghyuk said like a kid. Good... cause I really hate the hotter Donghyuk. I don't want to melt again.

"Aish... I love you too Dong." I shyly said to him. He just hugged me gently and caress my hair.

"Now buy me an ice cream cause you lose ______!" I hit his back and chuckled. He kissed me on my neck. Shit.

"Wait, I changed my mind. Don't treat me an ice cream, just kiss me on the lips as my price." He winked and I really kissed him on the lips... as what he said.


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