Chapter 4

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Previously on Turning Tides:

"OH MY GOSH! J-Jack! Your motorcycle just turned into a freakin robot! Why are you standing there?! Call the army! Or the cops! O-or-" she stopped, panting from the screaming, with both hands holding onto her head. In a calmer, more awe filled voice she practically whispered, "What are you?"

Jack and the robot stared at her for a few moments before Jack sighed. This is going to be a long conversation."


"Look, she's not going to hurt you. She's good, I promise." Jack said reassuringly.

"How did you get this phone?" The robot cut in coldly, her bright blue optics narrowed. Kitten tensed as she glared.

"I... When I was l-leaving t-the air port, I-I found it in my hood." She replied shakily. Then, in a more bold manner she asked, "Why? It your boyfriend or something?" She fought down a squeak as the robot glared further.

"If you're telling the truth, then why does it have the Autobot insignia?" She growled in suspicion.

"The what?" Kitten asked, looking genuinely confused. Jack walked over, turning over the silver cell phone to reveal a red face looking sign. "What is...?

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