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Nerina had thought it best to leave. Her attraction to Fionn was trouble at best, terrifying at worst. She told herself it was not a matter of running but changing her scenery. She could not deal with any—complications. Nerina, lying on her back on a bed she had made of leaves stared up at the stars her mind blank. Where to go next was not important as she had – in abundance – all the time in the world. Not being chased she was free to roam as she pleased.

A cool breeze rustled the leaves of the trees around her sending a chill under her skin. Nerina closed her eyes thinking to remain as she was until the sun started to come up. She had already fed. The night sounds lulled her into a state of absolute peace.


Until that voice.

Nerina squeezed her eyes shut willing it all to be a dream.

"This isn't happening," she chanted the words under her breath over and over again. It really could not be happening. How had he found her? How had he gotten here? Nerina sighed. Magic. He had used magic as he had the last time they had been in the woods alone together. Nerina felt vulnerable lying on her back. She opened her eyes to look over at him. "Lost?"

"Funny you should ask that."

Fionn tilted his head to the side his eyes searching as if mapping each contour of her face. It was a habit of his to stare at her in silence. An unnerving habit that had her wanting to touch her hair to make sure it was all in place. Such a vain feminine reaction. This man—Fionn had a way of reminding her that she was also that... a woman. He made her nervous like a little girl with his open interest. She wanted to slap him.

Nerina got to her feet in a blur.

"Leaving without as much as a goodbye."

"Never thought it necessary."

He walked towards her. Nerina held her ground though reflex almost had her matching his steps backward. Away from him. Away from the magnetic pull between them. An invisible finger ran along the line of her shoulders up to her neck where teeth replaced the sensation on the lobe of her ear. She gasped.

"I am not a patient man by nature, Marjorie." He had told himself he would be. That he would give her space, let her come to him, but then she had run away.

"I don't know you."

"Nor I you but I do know what brews between us. As natural as the stars," he said his hand out, head back. "As natural as the wind, the earth, the rain. Natural," he looked back at her his eyes darkened with pleasure, "for a man and a woman. Let me show you how natural it can be."

He caught the back of her neck in his hand before she even realized he had reached for her. Fionn nipped on the pout of her bottom lip drawing a tiny drop of blood. He licked it in the second it took for the wound to heal. With clever hands, he held her trapped with only the use of their mutual pleasure.

Fionn used his tongue to trace the outline of her lips before he used it to part them for his entry. She was sweet. The nectar of her mouth was nothing like he had ever tasted. Nerina's mind was steaming in the heat of the moment as the fire built from her most feminine core to engulf her entire being. She held on to him as the world fell away from under her feet. Free falling into him though her mind screamed at her to back away. Run.

She couldn't. The truth? She was tired of running. She wanted to feel. She wanted to take within herself selfishly all that he was giving with his hands, his lips, his tongue, his body pressing to mold completely with hers. On the bed of leaves, they lay naked limbs tangled. She had no idea when they had taken off their clothes, as their lips had never parted. Magic. She could see the benefits of it. Nerina was impatient trying to get her way.

"Not yet little vampire," his voice was husky against her ears as he nibbled there. Nerina gasped as he pushed her over the impossible limit she never knew existed. She heard her own breathless screams as her fingers dug into his arms, his back. He was doing multiple things to her, and not only with his physical self. There was no way to separate one sensation from the other. She thought she might go mad.

Fionn saw her fangs and thought nothing of it. When she sunk her teeth into his neck, the pleasure-pain of it drove him to move faster. It was the most intimate of all unions—blood. He rode her hard as she feasted on his neck. When they crashed and shattered they did it together. Satiated and weak by their joining when he tried to ease himself off her his head spun.

Fionn found himself thrown onto his back as Nerina cursed. She was on her feet standing over him in a blur. She looked marvelous there in the moonlight; her hair tousled, the moonlight reflecting off her perfect skin. Fionn smiled up at her even as she scolded down at him.

"I fed on you." She wiped her hand over her mouth only smearing his blood more over her face. "I took too much."

He did nothing but smile.

"This is not a joke."

He knew she was serious but he did not intend to spoil the mood. "Calm down Marjorie. It's not human blood."

That may be the case but it had been close. Too close. And what was a witch if not human? The only difference was that one had magic and the other did not. Did that make him so far from human? She felt the invisible hands around her waist pulling her to him. From experience, she did not bother to struggle.

"Taking blood is part of vampire mating. Using magic is a part of witches mating. Did you not feel it?"

Oh, she had felt it. She had felt many things. The thought had her pulsing.

"I know what you are little vampire," he said twirling a strand of hair around his finger. "I knew what to expect." He held her eyes for a second pulling her closer with his mind. "And I want more."

Nerina gave more and she took more. Throwing caution to the wind.

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