Chapter 12 (Part 1): The Dark Flame

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It was the end of the second match. Mia partnered with Saku had triumphed over the sneaky Amethyst. It was a memorable match...well for most. Saku was having difficulty remembering the last part of the fight where he deflected the purple eclipse. Mia was walking with him explaining the events but Saku was clueless "so...I got mad and dispersed the tornado. Then I...reflected the eclipse backwards?"

"yes that's right" Mia said bewildered "don't you remember?"

" not really. I might have just caught up in the moment" Mia had a tinge of worry but dismissed it

"Yeah you're probably right" she then stopped "I have...thank you for your kind words in the match" her face was pink "I was...really happy" Saku was embarrassed

"Oh...right erm...sorry for getting sappy there but...I did mean them" he was broke off as Mia gently hugged him. Saku was nervous but then Mia stepped back giving a genuine smile

"I didn't think you were sappy. I thought you were quite chivalrous"

Saku relaxed a bit as he spoke "Well that's the end of that" the two continued to walk back to their seats "the next match is Anastasia versus Kieran" said Saku

"What about Anastasia's power? Will she be able to control it?" asked Mia

"I...don't know. That and the oddity is Kieran is a fire user. So plants versing fire, not a good combination" as they walked up a flight of stairs to the top

"will she be alright?" as they reached the top they were being overheard

"Yeah of course she will be fine. I mean I believe in Anastasia" as he reached the top of stairs

"Excuse me young man" he heard a female voice "may we converse with you?"

Saku saw a mature man and woman in very posh clothing stood before him. They exuded grace and almost nobility as they stood there. The man had tidy black hair with a moustache. He wore a black tuxedo with a rose pinned to his chest. The woman carrying much grace, wore a lovely long blue and grey dress.

The dress had long sleeves and hung down to her knees which fanned outwards like a tent with white frills all around the bottom edges. Her hair was a light blonde which hung downwards in two neat spirals resting on her endowed bustline.

Saku looked at them as the lady spoke "excuse us for being rude but we overheard you and your lady friend conversing about our daughter Anastasia?" Saku then had a thought

"then you must be, Mister and Miss Michaels. Anastasia's mother and father?" asked Saku to which they both nodded

"It's a pleasure to meet you both sir and madam" said Mia as they both nodded

"a pleasure to meet you too young man and lady" said mister Michaels "call me Harvey and this is my wife Clara" Clara curtsied

"It's lovely to meet you two" Clara asked with Saku feeling a bit nervous "so may I inquire your names?"

"I'm Saku ma'am" said Saku politely "and this is Mia my friend" Mia bowed

"So Saku and Mia?" said Harvey "how do you know our daughter?"

"well she's our friend sir" said Saku.

The two seemed surprised at this comment "You're Anastasia's friends?" asked Clara "wait...a young with brown hair" Clara then seemed to recognise Saku "'re the Stritos boy that Anastasia spoke off?" Saku looked surprised and nodded as Clara ran to Saku,t before grabbing Saku's hands "You're the one she spoke of in her letters?"

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