Three-Bart Is Probably The Nicest Vampire I Have Ever Met

I followed the five boys into their kitchen, and my mouth hit the ground.

Their kitchen is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen.

A stainless steel double oven, along with a matching double door fridge. The granite counters and island adds to the beauty of it. Pictures of the boys hang from the walls, and in the corner is the wide, long oak table.

“Are you gonna sit down or what?” Charles snaps me out of my admiring. I look over to see them all sitting down, amused faces.

“I was just admiring your kitchen! It looks like it just came out of some commercial!” I stomp over to the table, sitting my self down in a very comfortable chair. I glance around the table, seeing nothing. “Where’s the food?”

“Henry’s got it.” Clinton says and waves to Henry.

Henry growls. “Why cant you just pick it up with your hands? You have them for a reason!”

“And you have special mind moving powers for a reason!” He retorts, glaring at his brother. Henry sighs defeated, then I see him snap his fingers. For what reason I have no idea. Then, like some invisible hands, the food comes floating over to us. Forks and all. They set themselves down in front of us, while everybody looks eager to eat, I look dumbfounded.

“Do ghosts live here too?” I ask while everybody dives into their steak.

Bart starts choking on his food, snorting laughter. Charles scowls at him, then turns to me with a smirk. “Henry can move things with his mind, remember sweetie pie?”

I scowl. “Sorry if I forgot! Vampires aren’t suppose to be real.” I mutter under my breath, but they hear me anyways and chuckle.

“Bartholomew, hand me the pepper.” Clinton asks.

“Stop calling me that! My name is Bart. I officially changed it, remember?” He throws the pepper at him, Clinton catching it with ease.

“It’s still fun to annoy you.” Everybody agrees.

After dinner, I call Nell to tell her I’m staying with some friends for a couple of weeks. Edward listens in on my call, making sure I don’t really tell her where I am.

Stuck with five hot vampire brothers.

It’s her falt I’m here! I mean, if she just went with me to buy a car instead of going to a club to get wasted, I would still think vampires are just sparkling jealous creatures who don’t exist. I would be in my condo, snuggling on my couch with strawberry ice cream, in my spotted pajamas. But no, I cant leave! I’m being forced to stay here or I get killed. Isn’t that so nice of them?

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