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Pen Your Pride


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Third person
It's the last day of year five at hogwarts for Harry potter, along with his twin brother Alex Godric Potter the said Boy-Who-Lived, or as Harry liked to call him The-Boy-Who-Is-A-Pain-In-The-Arse.
Alex was making his way to the trains with his lap dog Ron Weasley and follower Hermione Granger also known as his best friends. Walking about as far away as he can from the golden trio was a boy trying not to be seen, he wore old hand down robes from his father in his third year that were too big and shoes that were to tight, broken glasses, and was sporting a very big bruse on his face, not that the teacher or anyone else cared, this student was Harry James Potter, the younger twin brother to the famous Alex Godric Potter, how he got this bruse you might ask? Well his brother of course, ever since the attack from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Names the potters had become obsessed with fame and power, they treated Alex like a king(we all know who the real king is!!! Weasley is our king) and Harry like he's no better then a Malfoy house elf, and Alex just helps, he makes sure Harry has no friends and bullies him with his friends, anwser your qustion?
They had finally made it to the train and were bording like always harry sat alone talking to his pet owl hedwig.
When they were about five minutes from the train station the door to the compartment slammed open.
"Hello Baby Potter!" Ron said smirking
"What do you want weasley?" Harry said not looking at them
"Oh just came to hang out with our best friend baby brother."Alex said calmly sitting in front of Harry
"Oh bogger off!" Harry said looking out the window
"How dare you talk to the chosen one like that you little freak!" Hermione yells pulling out her wand
"No Hermione he's my brother and I obviously need to teach him some respect!" Alex said pulling out his wand
" CRUCIO!" Alex said clearly and not even a second later Harry was withering on the floor as they walked away laughing. After two minutes of withering on the floor he finally reached his wand and said the counter curse
"I can't believe he used a unforgivable on me."Harry mutters why shakily grabbing his stuff, and got off the train to see his parents huging Alex, soon James looked up as saw harry still shaking but getting off the train
"Hurry boy, we don't have all day!"
"Yes sir!" He said walking to them no mater now much it hurt
"Sorry dad I tripped on the way off." He lied
"Be more careful you insolent boy!" James muttered while glaring at Harry
"Sorry." Harry muttered
"Let's just go, Alex honey I want to hear all about you owls!" Lilly said to her favorite son
"Sure mum!" Alex said smirking at Harry
"Well let's floo home shawl we!" James said smiling at Lilly and Alex

After they got home Harry went straight to his room to see a complete mess, he was Horrified
"Alex!" He mutters
"Perfect, Alex you will pay for coming into my room!"Harry said smirking while walking down stairs to make dinner, there is no doubt in his mind that Lilly won't help. When he got into the kitchen he saw Alex and James talking about somthing stupid while Lilly impatiently taped her foot on the ground.
"Hey Alex did you happen to go into my room?" Harry asks getting out pots and pans for dinner
"Why would you ask that little brother?"Alex ask smirking
"Oh because I was a mess and well you hate me" Harry said while chopping carrots for the stew he is making
"Bullshit and you know it, you know you favor Alex over me!" Harry said calmly
"Harry dear we may spend more time with Alex but, he has a big destiny you're lucky enough that you will get a normal life!" Lilly Said calmly
Normal? You think it's normal to have you parents forget you birthday every year even though it's on the same day as the bloody boy who lived? You think it's normal to have to cook and clean all day when I'm not at school, or how about the fact that I wear dad's old third year robes because you forget to buy me mine AND THERE TOO BIG or 'oh Alex I want to hear all about your owls when we get home!' NO MOTHER! THAT IS NOT NORMAL! " Harry yelled losing his cool
that was James slapping harry for yelling
after James calmed down he looked at Harry and fake smiled,
"Harry stop overreacting, you know none of that is true!" James said still smiling
He took out his wand and pointed at James

"CRUCIO!" Harry yelled as the jet of light hit him in the chest and he screamed harry quickly realized what he did and then lifted it, and ran out the door and into the night as James slowly got off the floor shocked at his sons actions as was everyone else

A couple days later
James was sitting in bed still recovering from his youngest sons outburst thinking.Why had harry crucioed him? His first thought was that Harry was a traitor and working for Voldemort, but then he realized that when Harry isn't at school, all he does is cook,clean, and hang out in his room. I need to check out his room. James thought
James slowly rased himself from his bed and walked up the stairs being careful if his sore body. After walking up three sets of stairs James made it to the attic where Harry's room was. I didn't realize how much Harry felt he wasn't part of the family. James thought after opening a old wooden door in need of a paint job, James stepped into Harry's room, only to see a tiny bed with a thin blanket and thin Pillow and a small closet. When James opened the closet he saw a bunch of old ripped Hogwarts robes. After he saw his old worn robes he realized something he should have realized years ago. All the neglect all the abuse all the favoritism toward Alex. James realized he wasn't being Harry's father he was being his worst nightmare. I need to find my son now! James thought as he quickly left Harry's room in search of his wife, who was in the kitchen trying to figure out how to use the oven to toast her bread.
"Lily we need to find Harry." James said stepping into the kitchen.
"Who?" Lily said looking confused as James gaped at her
"Harry. Our son." James said
"Oh you mean the boy." Lily said
"Lily we abused him." James said slowly as if talking to a child
"we did no such thing!" Lily said glaring at James "I would never abuse one of my babies!"
"Well you did Lilian! We both did, we forgot about him and hit him when he tried to get the love he deserves."James said sternly.

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