Chapter 1 ~ Stalker?

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You can hear him shouting his outro. After many restless nights of research you finally found out where he lived, your idol. Your God. Your everything. He finishes those loud words. Shortly after you knock. A few stumbled steps and he's there. You were waiting for this moment since you first watched his videos.

"Can I help you?" The Irish-man asks. You look into those familiar eyes.

"I'm sorry but are you Sean?" Shyly your head bends down, your face blushing lightly.

"Yea what's up?" He doesn't know you. Doesn't remember.

"Um we met at the convention. I was the one who gave you a JSE vase...?" You look at him, wondering if he is the one you know and love.

"Oh yea! (Y/n)! How'd you find my house?" He lightly tilts his head which makes him look even more adorable.

"You had little hints in your videos. I pieced them together." Suddenly you notice how it sounds. You are a stalker who is obsessed with him.

"Did I? Anyways where were you from again?"

"I'm from England but live in America."

"Wow! That's quite a distance to meet up with me." He laughs shyly.

"Anything to see you." You silently whisper. He seemed to catch some of it and blushes.

"Come in! Please! So you want something to drink?" You shake your head and look around. His room is organised and looks good. Wrappers lay around on the floor and you start to pick them up.

"Sorry about the mess. I haven't gotten round to cleaning up probably yet." Even though you hear these words, you carry on. Until none are left.

"Thank you." You silently nod in approval before taking a seat opposite him on the lush dark green sofa. He places some chips in front of you.

" So, how can I help you?" You look away and blush lightly at the concern in his voice.

"Umm you see. I was very depressed, saw you and gave you the vase. My so called friends at that time said that you would forget about it after a month. I wanted to prove them wrong and that you do remember your fans so here I am." Throughout your speech he keeps looking at you, a slight frown in his face.

"How about this, let's take a picture together and you can help me edit one of my videos. Sound good?" You nod shyly. Overjoyed about what he said to you. You look up and smile. Before fainting on the bed. You haven't been feeling too well lately but you wanted to see Sean.

A/n: Hia guys! The vampire child here and I know it's need FOREVER since I last posted. I am a big fan of jacksepticeye and would love to meet him one day! None of this will have anything mature I want it to be for all audiences. Other than that Happy (late) New Years!! I'll see you all in the next chapter that I will upload. I can't promise for after that. I might, might not depending on how I feel.


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