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  "baby, wake up." the sound of a soothing voice rung in my ears. my eyes fluttered open landing on my brown-haired, caramel skinned mother. it felt like i just gotten hit with a car because i couldn't move at all. my bones were aching and my mind was racing like my heart.

  "uh?" highly confused, i panicked. "what happened? where am i? what did i do?" i rambled on with more questions. hands placed on my shoulders as a slight, gently force pushed me to lay down as she helped me calm down.

  "what's wrong with you?" she questioned fumbled. i looked around, pajamas, bedroom, my outfit for the first day back still hung up. what the heck was going on here? there was never a party, i was still kassie best friend, & i never had a crush on hayes grier. perfect! i sighed in relief as i flopped down on my bed but a sharp pain struck through me.

  "you can't go to school today maya. you're in a lot of pain and your weak." my mom informed me. oh, really like i couldn't tell myself. hey, missing the 1st day of school would be enjoyable. things didn't turn out so bad. i shook my head and closed my eyes. a kiss planted my forehead and after a while, the door shut. i lifted one eyelid open. coast is clear. i turned over on my side carefully thinking "i didn't kiss hayes grier!" i smiled. i didn't kiss the popular, jerk everyone loves and adores, my best friend never ever ditched me for taylor, and hot senior nash never talked to me just like it was and the thought made me happy.

  i closed my eyes, able to sleep happily but shot right back up. wait, what happened if this will happen? what if this is the future? nah, this isn't that's so raven. & boy was it just my luck.


sorry for short chapters, school is hard right now, I'll try to update more even if they are ridiculously short .

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