In My New House!

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When I got off the bus I walked into my new house with Luna. My mom and dad were grinning.
"We have a surprise for you. You both have awesome rooms! Guys, just go up. We made it look your style." My mom grinned.
I smiled and ran up to my room (picture above doesn't show whole room). My mouth dropped in shock. It was so me! I had a huge window also! I looked out the window to see into Malcolm, Reese and Dewey's room. I snorted. They were arguing like always. My mom walked into my room and smiled. She really did look nothing like me.
"Oh my gosh! Mom I love it! How did you fit all my books?!" I grinned.
"Well, sweetie, I knew how much you wanted one of these bedrooms." My mom smiled." Oh! I almost forgot! Here is your violin."
My mom handed me the case. I opened my violin case and brought my stand to a corner in the room.
"I have to go make dinner. Why don't you open your big window for fresh air?"
"Ok." I opened my window and took out my violin. I started to practice my favorite piece. When I was done I went to close my window and saw Malcolm and Reese staring in shock.
"Why were you watching me?" I said, annoyed.
"You were playing and we heard you and we saw you on that thing." Reese said.
"First of all, it's a violin. Second of all, you guys are pervs." I said, rolling my eyes.
Seconds later they were gone from the window and my doorbell was ringing. I sigh and go to get the door Ugh. They're annoying, aren't they. I open the door and Malcolm runs inside.
"Come. Please! It's urgent!!" Malcolm screams frantically.
"What is it?!" I asked, getting worried.
"Just come!" Malcolm yells.
Malcolm grabs my arm and pulls me to his backyard. There are two loose wooden boards on his fences and he drags me under them.
"Woah! What a nice creek!" I exclaim.
"Yeah. That's not the bad part. I tried to sound calm before at your window but I had to get it out."
"Ok. Keep talking"
"Do you remember Caroline?"
"Yeah? The annoying teacher?"
"Yep. For some reason she thinks that we are together"
"As in boyfriend and girlfriend?!"
I perk up. "Oh! We can pretend we are and then a few weeks later we can pretend we had a huge breakup and she will be extra nice!"
"That's genius!"
We high five and go back to our houses.

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