The Introduction Of Nyla August.

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Hello, my name is Nyla Mora August. I'm eighteen years old and I attend Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia on a full ride scholarship.

To some I might come across as "a snobby ass black girl" or "white washed", but trust that I have my reasons. I didn't have the best childhood and I still don't have the best life but I've never really been one to complain to others about my problems.

The scholarship that I have pays for my schooling, housing, and books which is amazing, and I couldn't be any more thankful for it but I did have to pick up a part time job to pay for all the extra things that I need like clothes.

I've made a couple of close friends since I've come to school, but I'm still the misfit of the group.

That's enough about school though; let's get into my personal life. I am black... just black. I've always been a bit insecure even though I have what some people may call "good hair", which is very ignorant. I have a dark chocolate skin tone. I was often teased when I was younger for it, but I kind of got over it because God only gives you what he knows that you can handle.

My parents died when I was younger during a drop. Yes my father was a drug dealer, and a very successful one at that. When they died, their will was read and it turns out that they left me a lot of money.

I know that you're thinking "If they left her all this money then why is she working?" well it's simple. I can't touch the money until I am twenty one because my parents wanted to make sure that I was responsible enough to handle that much money.

I grew up In Bankhead Atlanta, and my grandmother raised me. Growing up in my Grandmother's house I was taught that education came first and I was not allowed to date.

That was just a small summary, but all that has happened in my life has built me up to be the young woman that I am today, Nyla August.

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