Chapter 8: The Last Night

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~~ The Night Before Meathil Leaves For Ostwyn ~~

She trained all of them, from dusk until dawn, and even through the night sometimes. They trained so hard and she was so proud of them all. Thennil had finally figured out how to use her shield as not just a defense mechanism but also as a weapon. And Pengeth had finally gotten so good with a bow and arrow she could shoot a target behind her and hit a bulls eye. She sat in her bed all night. She had been studying old books Eglanor had brought back, they contained valuable information about the queens. Apparently the Shadowmount queen could control your soul if you stared into her eyes. She would remember not to do that, she wanted to keep her soul to herself thank you very much. She also learned that the Ostwyn queen had a snake that could manipulate the mind. She didn't like being played with, especially when her mind was involved. She wasn't a puppet for some master to control.

All of the girls had gone to bed already, they needed their rest for the long trip ahead of them. They would be getting on a boat early in the morning to start their way to Ostwyn. The kingdom was far away, the only way to get there was to go over seas. She didn't get sea sick, but apparently Hastel did, she prayed for the young girl that it wouldn't be too rocky on the boat. She hadn't been on many ships before, she usually stayed in the kingdom that was controlled by the royal palace. But, her mother had been on a ship before, and said it was fun to look out at the ocean and see the world. Although she knew where she was going to go was not a colorful place, she would still do as her mother did. Look out at the sea and wonder what's coming.

She went back to reading the endless amount of books that piled on her nightstand. The special lamp that was on it was made of a Venus jewel. This jewel, when touched, turned into a beautiful light. This was the type of lighting she was always used to. The jewel was so beautiful and always sat on top of a wonderful golden stand that held it in place. She couldn't read anymore, she needed her sleep, but knew all too well that she was not ready to put down the book. She was about to continue but convinced herself to go to sleep.

She turned off the jewel light and got in the bed. Her head laid on the soft white pillow beneath her, she covered herself with the warm sheets of her bed and tried to drift off to sleep. She knew she wouldn't fall asleep in an instant, but it shouldn't have been taking her this long. She just couldn't fall asleep, there was too much on her mind, too much she had to figure out. She just stared up at the ceiling waiting for her eyes to close, but they didn't. Just as she was about to go back to studying the other kingdoms she heard a knock on the door. She pulled off her covers and felt the cold air whisk at her legs. She gently pressed her hand on the jewel making the soft light come back on. Her feet shuffled against the wood floors as she came to a stop at the door. She carefully opened it up to reveal a blonde haired boy with emerald eyes. Eglanor, Why was he here at this time of night?

"Did I wake you?"


"You can't sleep?" He asked as he scanned her from head to toe. She shook her head, and he smiled. "Me neither. Want some company?" He laughed and came in as she got out of the way. She closed the door and walked back to her bed, she just sat on it, not trying to sleep. Eglanor moved to the side of the bed she was sitting on and sat next to her. "Your nervous too aren't you? About going over seas."

"Yes," she replied reluctantly. She hated when he was right, he could read her so easily it scared her sometimes.

"I like your pajamas, or your nightgown I should say," he commented pointing at the dress she wore. It was black on the top and at the waist faded to a soft peach color. Under her bust there was a nice ribbon that went around her. She loved this one, the fabric felt so comfortable and it made her feel not too hot, but not too cold. She blushed a bit, it showed a lot of leg and her chest wasn't that well covered too. When she bought it she didn't expect anyone to see her in it, especially not Eglanor. She moved her head to see what he was wearing. He wore a tight tan sleeveless shirt that showed off his biceps, and a pair of long black pants made of the same material as her dress.

"I like yours too." Things were now just quiet, she didn't say anything and he just looked around at the room. "Hey, Nor? What exactly do you think Ostywn will be like?" He looked at her and smirked.

"You haven't called me Nor since we were ten," He laughed.

"Oh shut up, you still call me Mae!"

"Your right, but, I don't know what it will be like honestly," he answered and hung his head, his blonde hair covering his face. She couldn't tell if he was scared or curious about what was to come. "I guess we will have to see, and if the queen is scary as hell then we'll be scarier." She laughed, he did too. She always could count on him to make her laugh. Not many people could. He had always been making her laugh, when they were kids he would "accidentally" use a weapon wrong and cut off his hair, or get to close to the bonfire and his clothes would catch on fire. He always was spewing funny jokes and making everyone feel better.


"For what?"

"For being my friend, forever and ever. Promise?" She stared at him and he just smiled softly. She felt something warm wrap around her hands, he had placed his hands over hers. They were so warm, and it filled her with warmth. He looked at her and answered.

"Forever." He stared at her and their eyes locked, for some reason her heart was beating a little bit faster every second. She felt a layer of blush being painted on her face as his hands held onto hers. Every second that went by her body felt more and more uneasy, like she was going to fall. What was this? It never happened before when she touched his arm. She noticed the same expression she had was pasted on his face too. "You should get to bed, you need your rest." 

"Okay, thanks Nor, and have a good night." He let go of her hands breaking the connection of warmth. She crawled underneath her sheets and Eglanor turned off her light for her. He moved away from the bed and closer to the door.

"Good night Mae." He moved and opened the door. But just as he was about to leave she stopped him.

"Nor! I...I can't sleep. And you know those times when my parents left and I couldn't sleep then either. Well, could you stay with me tonight?.... Please?" What did she just say?! Did she just ask him to sleep with her? Was she really that scared? What had come over her? She turned her head to Eglanor who had closed the door and was halfway to the bed already.

"Sure Mae, it'll be like old times," Eglanor agreed and climbed into the other side of the bed, she shifted her position to rest her head on his chest which was warm and made for a great pillow. He looked at her and she looked at him before finally settling in. He wrapped his arm around her and placed it on her waist making her jolt a little bit, that was one of her ticklish spots and he knew that. She placed both her ams at her chest and he rested his head on hers. She felt warm, calm, and at peace. With Eglanor, in his arms, just like old times. Quietly and swiftly she drifted off to sleep, with just the thought of his warm hands in her mind.

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