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This now has a new cover. Special thanks to @Theunkownstorybird for creating it. Thank you for reading, dear ones. I must respond to many of the same comments I'm seeing that the reader is too forgiving and Draco is too soft and things don't add up sometimes well here's my response. For the reader, I created this story unknowingly creating the reader as my own self in a situation I was in. I am sorry to say I am the weakest most forgiving 16 almost 17 year old that is easy to take advantage of. I'm sorry it reflected in the story, loves. I'll do better next time. For Draco, I always liked to think that yes he's he's a bad boy but I wanted him to portray the sweetest side possible for his love. Yes I'm a cheesy fricken potato chip. And for the things that don't add up like certain situations or name mistakes or other I was probably dozing off at the time while writing the chapter I'm so sorry lol. I have many improvements to make as a writer. I love writing and it always breaks mah heart when I read a comment that I know I disappointed someone or something I'm sensitive and I'm working on being more strong lol! Well, I must now do homework for my AP English class *cries*

Always remembering Alan Rickman ♡ *eternal wand raise*

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