12: Choosing God Parents (His POV)

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Me and Sarah where having Liam and Sophia and Louis and Eleanor over for dinner! We where gonna ask them to be the godparents to a baby each. But we weren't telling them their names! We had decided that Liam and Sophia was gonna be Oliva Grace's godparents and Louis and Eleanor was gonna be Ruby Isabelle's godparents.

Sarah was in the backyard with Eleanor and Sophia now, while me, Liam and Louis were in the kitchen cooking. We were having fun and although at times it looked like we would burn the food it came out pretty good. Sarah was 6 months pregnant now to the day. Her due date was June 16th, and we were both so excited.

After a little while we all sat down to eat. We all were having a great time and were laughing and talking amongs ourselves. We were now eating dessert and it was delicious.... But then i looked at Sarah looked at me, and i knew what she wanted. It was time to ask them to be godparents.

" So, Louis and Eleanor we have something we want to ask you both" i said.

They both looked at me and Sarah, waiting for me to continue.

" We wanted to know if you wanted to be the godparents of one of our girls?" Sarah asked.

Louis and Eleanor were shocked, and it took them both a few seconds before they realized what we had asked them. But once they did they said yes.

Then we asked Liam and Sophia.

" So, Liam and Sophia the other baby will also need godparents. So we were wondering if you would be the godparents of our other little girl?" i asked
" Yes, we would love to. This is such an honor. Thank you so much" both Liam and Sophia said.

"We're both happy you all said yes. Now you get to know their names and which one you will be the godparents to when the babies are born" Sarah said with a smile.

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