Chapter 1

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april 8, 2019

"Emily Fields and Alison Fields were spotted out and about with their young daughter who goes by the name of Primrose Pamella Fields!"

"Pamella Fields! This century's biggest face!"

"A truly remarkable love story ends happily with Alison Fields and Emily Fields finally settling down as a full family unit."

"Alison Fields just got out of the hospital after being in a 4 day coma of recovery from her condition of what wife, Emily Fields has said was Placenta Previa. Both Alison and the couple's child Primrose Pamella Fields have made it out safely and healthy."

"Alison and Emily Fields. Bigger than Romeo and Juliet."

"Married to your high school sweetheart, have a kid and are in the park with their 5 day old child? Now that is what a true romance story looks like folks."

"This just serves to prove that anything is possible."

"Emily Fields started out as an orphan teen in the small town of Rosewood Pennsylvania and is now the biggest celebrity out there, alongside her pop singer wife, Alison DiLaurentis, now Alison Fields and their beautiful daughter, Primrose Pamella Fields. True love conquers all."

september 8, 2034

emily pov


i weaved my way around my 2 fighting children and walked over to the blonde sitting at the counter.

i hugged her from behind and placed a sweet kiss on her coffee coated lips. "morning beautiful." i said and smiled. "morning to you too. nice sleep?"

"yeah it was good. too bad i didn't wake up to you." i said and pouted. alison giggled as Rose Gonzalez, our maid poured me a cup of coffee. no, she isn't young and hot. i promise. she is i think like 56. she has been with us ever since Jayden turned 5, so 8 years about. she is a huge help around our house. "gracias." i said and she smiled, "of course mrs. fields."

"ugh rose, how many times have i said to just call me emily? i beg of you." i said and smiled at her.

"JAYDEN! STOP!" Primrose's voice boomed throughout our house and i saw the blonde sprint over to alison and i. "MOM! look at what he did!" she screamed and alison gasped, "oh my god. your hair." she said and walked over to her.

i raised an eyebrow and glanced at rose. "rose, get the car ready please. i have to drive my neurotic daughter and my son to their first day of school."

i smirked as primrose narrowed her gaze at me. "and what the hell, might i ask, are you wearing?" i said, pointing at her outfit.


jayden laughed and mumbled, "slut."

i thumped him in the back of the head and he groaned, "dammit ma."

i shrugged and said, "alison. you approve?"

alison giggled, "i actually picked it out. doesn't it look cute?" i observed her floral crop top and black skirt with a gold necklace, tan heel sandals on her feet and her long blonde curls loosely dangling on her shoulders.

i groaned, "fine. jayden." i turned to my 13 year old son.

his chocolate brown eyes looked up and he pretended to be his sister as he posed.

i laughed at him and nodded, "nice bud."

he has on dark blue jeans, a white tee with a denim vest over it, a navy beanie and a gold watch, along with his white boxers and white supras. his dark black hair was pulled back and i will admit that my boy looked good. he gets his looks from me, dark brown eyes and dark hair, with tan skin.

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