The New Girl//0.2

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  Still on chapter 1 but on the ending!

       "And he told me he wants to see you soon" peter mumbled getting in the car. " look i don't have time to be with isaac right now...I just-I just wanna have time on my own for a while so can you stop bullshiting about him!?" I snapped and slammed my hands on the stirring wheel, gripping on it my knuckles became a bit bloody from hitting it.  " alright whatever crawls up your ass and makes you feel fine" He grumbled and looked away " Can we just go already?!" Cora shouted getting angry . oh she did not just yell at me. I looked at her straight in the eye "you, you better not yell at me understand or I'll slice you in half with my claws! UNDERSTAND?!?" I screamed at her, her face inches away from mine and I can see the guilt in her eyes and she nodded "yes ma'am" she replied chucking a peace of paper to my face. I growled so loud I think the whole neighborhood heard me.

    "Just drive kiddo" Peter whispered and I obeyed him.

Hey loves I'm sorry I haven't been active school vacay and teen wolf it had me in control
But I hope you liked This I'll be back soon with more

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