Episode 2: Identity reveal!!!!!

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Me: Chat and Ladybug have to reveal their identities to one another

Marinette and Adrien: WHAT?!

Alya: it's not like you are Ladybug and Chat Noir

Marinette: heh heh *scratches back of neck*

Nino: Alya I think they are.

Me: for cryin out loud. JUST DO IT

Adrien: *finds hiding spot and transforms* Plagg claws out

Marinette: *runs hides transforms and returns* Tikki spots on.

Chat: I am here

Ladybug: so am I

Me: great. Reveal you identities

Alya: this will be awesome *is preparing to fangirl*

Ladybug: do I really have to do this

Me: yes, but Alya won't post it to the Ladyblog

Alya: but this is the biggest scoop for the blog

Me: trust me, I'm with Ladybug on this one

Chat: ok fine I will *transforms back*

Ladybug: ADRIEN???!!!

Alya: 0.0 HOLY SHOT

Nino: My best friend is Chat Noir THATSAWESOME

Ladybug: fine here I go *transforms back*

Alya: MARINETTE?! AWESOME, but why didn't you tell me

Marinette: reasons, privacy,

Nino: you have a blog about your best friend

Adrien: you?! *stands at a loss for words*

Marinette: *blushes*

Me: just kiss already. Alya, Nino I need your help

Nino: on it

Alya: got it

Me: 1. 2. 3. *push them into kiss* LADYNOIR ADREINTTE

Alya: who knew it was them!!!

Me comment more dates and stuff - Kitty out✌️

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