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Pen Your Pride

Male! Reader x America

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America X Male Reader Worried

WARNING: Yaoi don't like don't read (m/n) = male name

You and Alfred sat in your living room watching (fav show). You fidgeted in your seat at the closeness of the two you.

You had a Crush on Alfred sense you guys were little. Of course you were afraid to tell him because you might loose him as a friend.

Alfred must have noticed because he look at you. 

"You okay dude?" He asked 

"Yeah" you played a little with your fingers.

Alfred kept his stare on you which made your face heat up a little. You got up quickly from the couch. 

"You wanna coke" you mumbled a bit. 

"Sure" he nodded.

You went to the kitchen and got two cokes. Trying to get your face to cool down. 

'Why was he staring at me like that' you thought  

"I have to tell him" you mumbled.  

"Tell who what?" said Alfred from the doorway of the kitchen.

You jumped back a bit. 

"O-Oh nothing" you stuttered. 

"You're lying (m/n)" Alfred shook his head. He walked up to you and placed a hand on your shoulder.  

"(m/n) please tell me what's wrong" he said softly.  

"N-Nothing's wrong" you almost yelled at him. 

"Is it me you always act so strange around me"he said

You couldn't take it anymore. 

"I love you Alfred!" You blurted out quickly placing your hands over your mouth.

He stood there shocked then he started to laugh that laugh that everyone thought was annoying but you loved it.

"(m/n) you had me worried I love you too" he smiled. 

You blushed  

"B-But I'm a guy" you looked at the floor.  

"I don't care" he put a hand under your chin and made you look up at him.

You blushed 100 shades of red. Then without warning he kissed you gently. His lips were warm and soft. You then wrapped your around his neck and deepened the kiss. He wraps his arms around your waist.  

When you both pull away he smiled then laughed.  

"Can we have our first date right now and go to McDonalds."

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