Part 24 😣

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The picture above is supposed to be you and Raph. It was sweet, crisp, cold feeling that just makes you wake up in joy. You had a boyfriend who really liked you, Really really liked you. You already made SilverDollar pancakes fried in butter on a skillet, and drowned in syrup. You brushed your teeth, put some black eyeliner on with white eye shadow blended into your skin with mascara that made your lashes model long. You walked out ready to see your peeps the turtles. You almost forgot your phone on the way out. As u hit the streets of NewYork you walked for a bit, maybe about 4 blocks. Then your tummy felt all weird, your throat was tightening, your temple was pulsing a bit, It felt like someone was following you. You weaved in and out of crowd of people. You still felt like someone was there. Creeping on you like a two inch long insect with nonstop legs crawling on ur neck tingling your hairs, as if its breath was something you could feel, so harsh and cold. This man following you started to really get to you badly. Your brain freaked and rushed an idea. you did what you thought was best in the 4.5 seconds. You ran down an ally where apartment doors, old ladys, and some other stuff. Most likely nonviolent drug dealers. You looked around and didn't see anybody. So when u were about to walk another 4 feet to the sewers manhole cover when someone grabbed you and covered your mouth. Ur first instinct was to scream so you did. It was muffled due to the man hands over your face. He then pulled a white cloth from his jean jacket and covered ur nose/mouth with it. You were trying to hold ur breath the best you could but u had to breath sometime. So u pulled a huge breath of air with the toxin that swirled into your lungs like a flash-flood. You saw some random purple, yellow, and gray spots. You woke up in a cell room of all white and metal white doors. There were already huge lights planted all over it. The room must've been as long as a two cement trucks. Your lifted your head up to see where you could possibly be. You looked down as you felt all weird, to see your not wearing your original clothes, you were wearing a white jump suit. Camera's were planted up in the corners of the room zooming in and out. You stood up to go look at one up closely. The camera followed you, so you went to your left, then your right, backwards and forwards. A mechanical noise was coming from behind you. You scared to turn around but as a human of curiousity you do anyways. You see a man in a white and blue hazmat suit walk in. You stood there confidently, with fear but didn't show it. He stood before you like an astronaut and waved. O.O You expected Needles or a huge siring. You waved confused but with a smile. They gestured you to leave the room with them. You went first, You looked around while you walked into another room that looked like an office interrogation box but with a beautiful hand crafted dining table with a small plate of food that looked like it was for you. "Please sit..-DarthVader breath-" You sat down in the chair with the plate full of food in front of it. He sat down at the far other end of the table and you both just sat there quietly until you asked, "Can i eat this?" He nodded a yes. You took a fork and knife, chopped up the seasoned Chicken, you nibbled it to make sure it was ok tasting. It was awesome tasting. The man across the table punched in Numbers and letters on his forearm. You watched him carefully though, He may have done nothing yet but he will. You just felt it. "So what am I doing here?" "-darthvader breath- thats classified." He sternly answered. "ah, so can you tell me why your wearing a hazmat suit?" "-Darthvader breath- Protection." "O.O from what?" "Classified" You looked at him annoyed. A man walked in on his iphone and then looked up to see it was you. "Well, well, well, its appears to be my lucky day, Miss Y/N L/N." "Who are you? and how do you know my name?" "Eric Sacks, but you can call me Sacks. Its no surprise you dont remember me, especially since i got those Certain memories out of your head. also, While you were Unconscious i looked around in your cerebral Cortex and it seems that your memories were coming back while you were unconscious in a slumber-like state. " (To be honest, idk what i'm talking about when it came with the Cerebral cortex XD) "What? What are you talking about?" "Well see, if i told you then your life savings would have just gone to waist. Especially since you worked so hard for Mrs. Pattington. Please excuse me but people's memories are very intriguing to me." "She worked me like a slave it was horrible! And I want to KNOW! My memories, did I pay you to get rid of them? and if so, what memories?" "First, since we r such old friends. ILL Tell why ur here in the first place. Im doing experiments and im tracking how there doing . And as for ur questions. How about i just show you?" "Show me?" He walked over to the wall and put his hand on it, it turned on Like a TV. "Each person's memories that i've recieved i've kepted sacredly in Chips. (he takes one out of his front pocket held inside of his jacket) This one is yours. Do you really wanna see it? You did pay me to get rid of them. It would be ashame to make it not your while." "show me! " "..Very well." He inserted the Chip into the tiny slot on the wall. What you saw was unbelievable. You and Raphael are together. Some part of your brain was clicking back into place. You saw You and Raphael sitting on a couch laughing with his arm around you. Mikey trying to sneak up on Raphael but Raph swung around and caught MIkey by the neck with his Inner Eblow, and gave him a hard noogie with a laugh as Mikey yelling Cut it out. Then another Flash of a memory came in, of you and Raph kissing while his fingers run though the scalp of your hair while you two were standing on a snowing roof. It looked like a ninja turtle fantasy. Another memory was of you and him sleeping in the same bed and when he was rearranging himself he woke up and kiss your forehead and cuddled himself up against your back and fell back asleep. Another memory was of you on your birthday and Raphael had widdled a little statue of the two of you together. And a bunch of memory just started pilling up on top of one another. Then the last memory was of when you went to Sacks. "Sorry about this." Sacks just flat out stuck in a tranquilizer in your shoulder. Your arm felt incredibly numb, your eyes felt heavy, and your body went limp. 5 hours later. You woke up on a frozen Rooftop only to see two of the heroic turtles. You were cold and hungry. "Y/N! What happened to you?" Mikey asked seriously concerned. "Where am i?" "Your on your own rooftop, what are you doing out here?" Donnie asked. "I dont rem-" Then you did, it all came flooding back. You, Raphael, Mr. Sacks. "Sacks.." The turtles looked at each other oddly "Sacks of what?" mikey asked. "Sacks? You mean Eric Sacks?" Donnie asked. "Yea, how do you know him?" "Long story, but how do you know him?" "I actually didn't.( You thought about this as you looked at them. But should you tell them everything? Should you tell Raphael first? or Leonardo? it was all so confusing.) But if anyone deserves this conversation, its Raphael. I'm the reason i forgot my memory." "Well if you want to talk to him, He's on his way. He just had to help Sensei with some stuff." "Ok. would you mind telling him to meet me in my house or at my window, its important." "Sure thing :)" Donnie smiled. Donatello texted him and were on there way with there Rooftop runs. You climbed inside of your bedroom window and flopped onto you bed and Screamed into your pillow. 'What am i going to do about Leo and Raph now?? I'm dating Leo, it hasnt even been two months at all. Raphael and me, We were on and off kinda but we loved each other and with Leo, its kinda there but not there. Idk what to do.' you thought as your body flung itself back up. You looked up at your window to see the stars at night. It was always just one of those things that calmed you down and relaxed you. You heard a knock on the other window. your automatic response was "coming!" as you got up you tripped on your carpet so you body hit face down on your floorboards. You got back up and walked over embaressed and opened the window. He chuckled "you ok?" "Yea, yea i'm ok. Hey there is something important i need to tell you. Why dont you come on in :)" you smiled "Ok.." He sat down on your bed as you did the same. "Whats up?". He was honestly scared for what you would say. "I remember...Everything. And i just want to say how Sorry I am for everything I have caused you. In my one selfish Hour, i destoryed us. I went to Sacks due to a card i found in the sewers from him. And i went to him and had my memory erased. I was scared, i lost a baby that i was really prepared for, i was going through this emotinally, physically tough time, and i should have handled it better Rather than just throwing what we had away. what i did must've been out of fear more than anything else. And again there is no way to describe the anguish i feel about everything i did. I regret everything. Honsetly. If i had one wish, it would to undo what i have done. What i did was something a coward would do. And maybe i am to due, to what i had done. But if there is anything i can do, at all-" "No." You sat there in silence, not sure what to say. "So, your telling Me that you had your memory erased? Why?" "Well it kinda started off with a dream i had on the couch the day before. I was afraid to tell you especially when you yelled at me, but what it was is that i dreamt that Me and Leo...Had sex. And it made me seriously uncomfortable." "Well your pretty comfortable with him now." all you could do was look at him cause you didnt no what to say. "Arent you?" he angrily demanded. "well.." "ARENT YOU?!" "IDK!" "What do you mean you dont know!" "IDK BECAUSE I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!!" You gasped as you covered your mouth. You drizzled down you bed down to the floor in embarrassment. Your face in your hands, your not crying though, but your throat tightening, your eyes feeling Hot, heart pulsing fast, and your feet are feeling sweaty. "What?" He asked sternly surprised. You didn't answer. "You..Love me? But the other day you said you didn't. And that i used you." "I did say those things, but now with my memories back, i feel indifferent. I know me and Leo have had a nice 4 weeks but.." He sighed as you felt short on breath. He sat next to you. He awkwardly scooted closer to you and he twitched in the decision of putting his arm around you in comfort. He finally put his arm around you with his hand on your lower shoulder. He embraced you in a hug. "What do you plan on doing about Leo? Do you love him?" "To be just perfectly honest, I had mixed feelings for him for awhile. But on the Train he asked me out to be his girl. I said yea but after a whole night to think about it I should have had said No -sigh- and when he got into a heart attack i felt bad for him, so i think it was out of Pity...Not love. God, i'm a terrible person aren't I?" You didn't look a Raph the entire time you talked to him. You felt nauseous spilling all that out in 1 minute. You started feeling fatigued. Raph really didn't know what to say. It was his brother. "Gosh i'm sooo tired.." You whine as you rubbed your eyes and then your face with your palms. You then lay your head back against your bedside; inhaling then exhaling. "Here come on." Raph got up to lend you a hand to get into your bed. You took it with a smile.(: He lifted you up then picked you up, and placed you into your bed under the covers. He turned off the lights and before he left he heard a feint "Thank you."

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