Chapter 5✔

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Waking up extremely late, was a shitty start to my day.

Quickly, chucking on black ripped jeans, a white crop top, a black hoodie and some combat boots.
Brushing me teeth quickly, I skipped breakfast and sprinted over to my car and sped to school as fast as possible.

Luckily, my driving skills got me to homeroom in time.

Soon enough lunch had arrived, and Skylar and I had grabbed our lunch and sat at our usual table.

"So in dance class, we have this project. We haven't had this class yet this week so it's going to last until end of school. Are you any good at dance?" Skylar's muffled voice asked, whilst eating her sandwich.

Grinning at her, "I'm alright," I said modestly.

"I'm crap at dancing, most of us chose this class because we didn't want to do history with the most boring teacher in the world," she groaned.

"Dancing's fun though!" I exclaimed, just as Nick walked towards me.

"Hey Liya," he chirped, sitting down, while nabbing one of my fries.

"No eating my food!" I huffed.

"Sorry. So I wanted to ask if you can drive me home today," he hopefully asked.

Nodding back at him, "Sure meet me next to my car."

Giving me a thanks, he ran over to a table filled with a group of boys.

"You know nick?" Skylar burst out in disbelief.

"What yeah, he's Carlos's brother. Well I think they are because they live together," I murmured confused.

"Yeah, didn't you know?" She confirmed.

"Oh so yeah, I know him. Nick is way nicer than his twin," I proclaimed whilst shaking my head.

"Yeah, he is pretty nice" she agreed.

It was last class now and Skylar was moaning about dance, she was muttering to herself about how she's going to make a fool out of herself and she wished she didn't choose this.

"Come on! It's just dance hurry up lets go!" I said slightly miffed. Pulling her into a spacious dance room, with mirrors covering a whole wall. Putting my bag at the back where the pegs were, we sat on shiny wooden floor at the back just as a young female teacher swaggered in.

"Hello everyone, my name is Miss. Candice. Now I've heard that we have a new student. Rosaline Collins." She called out, putting my hand up once I heard my name.

"Ah hi Rosaline" she said

"It's Liya," I politely corrected.

"Ok Liya. Anyways like every year we have a project, this year the project is going to be a little different. You're going to be in pairs and you have to come up with a dance routine. You will have a month to choreograph and get ready to perform. I will be going to choose your partners." She declared and went to a small desk that I didn't see before, and grabbed a paper out.

"Kevin and Maria"

"Caleb and Jasmine," Barbie made a face and stalked over next to Caleb who looked like a jock,
so Jasmine's her name I thought as she called out the other partners

"Right Liya. Now as you're new and you are the last on my list, you have a choice. You can either pick Carlos or Josh." She said.

Looking over to Josh, I noted that he was jock that was currently smirking and giving me a suggestive looking. No thanks. However, Carlos is in dance club it was an easy choice.

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