Chapter Ten: Conflictions (Violet P.O.V)

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"So how long have you been like this?" I asked.

He shrugged. "As long as I can remember. I've always been different," Flavus said.

I smiled. "Me too. I don't live in town because everyone hates me. At least I know I'm not alone anymore," I said.

I looked back at Chade and wondered what he was thinking.

"What's the deal with him?" Flavus asked, gesturing towards Chade. I shrugged.

"We're dating," I said, blushing.

What would he think? He stopped walking and gave me a strange look.

"You? Dating a monster?" he asked, unsure of whether to believe me or not.

"He's not a monster, he's just like a human. He was once a human, but he's been cursed. Don't call him a monster ever again," I said, crossing my arms.

He held up his hands. "Okay, okay, sheesh. I just met the guy, I didn't mean it. So, you and him. How did you meet?" he asked.

"I wanted answers about why I'm like this, and I figured he could help. It took a bunch of trying, but he eventually gave in and helped. We became friends, and finally something more," I explained. He nodded and started walking.

"Flavus, are your parents still around?" I asked, keeping pace with him.

"Yeah, but my dad thinks I'm the devil's son and my mom is always drunk, so they're not all quite there," he said, shrugging.

I nodded and kicked up leaves.

"Hey, I ran away from home because my dad would beat me, and I don't have anywhere to stay. Can I crash at your place?" he asked.

Of course he could, but I had been wanting to move here with Chade. Maybe Flavus could stay on his own.

"Sure, I guess. It's just a little shack, but you can stay if you want," I said.

He gave me a lopsided grin. "Great! I can't wait to get to know you better," he said happily.

We talked for hours afterward. Turns out he was almost exactly like me. I went and found Chade after a while. He was in the cement tunnel. I gave him a squeeze and smiled.

"Thanks for introducing us. And don't think that just because he's like me that I'm going to forget about you. I love you," I said, looking up at him.

"You know, he's like you, and he's human," he responded.

I gave him a curious look. "You're human too," I argued. He shook his head.

"You deserve better. He's like you, and he looks about your age. Twenty, right? You'd be better off with him," he said.

I grew angry. What was his problem?

"Are you saying you're not good enough for me? Chade, I love you, nothing's going to change that. Just because this guy came doesn't mean I'm going to leave you. I was actually wanting to move here with you and give him the shack," I said, furious.

"Really? I'm just saying, you have an opportunity to be normal, and I just want what's best for you," he said gently, trying to calm me down.

I huffed and sat down. "I know, but I don't care if I'm normal or not. In fact, I don't want to be normal anymore. I just want you," I said.

He pulled me closer and held me.

"I love you," he said.


It had been about three weeks since Flavus first showed up. I had convinced him to watch after my shack when I moved in with Chade. We had become good friends, and him and Chade seemed to get along. Everything was perfect. I had been walking with Flavus and we were laying by the cliff.

"You ever think about settling down, having kids?" he asked out of nowhere.

I blinked in surprise. "Not really," I said.

"You know, being with Chade means no kids, nothing, not even getting married," he commented.

I gave him a strange look. "I don't need those, I just need him to be happy," I explained, trying to get him to see I was fine.

He blew a piece of his bleach-blonde hair out of his face.

"Well, you'll want them later. Trust me," he said.

I just shrugged. "That won't get between me and Chade," I said.

He propped himself up on his elbow. "Violet, I love you," he said, staring into my eyes.

My heart dropped.

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