11: Picking names ( Your POV)

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I was sitting on the couch looking through the big book of baby names. I thought it would be easy picking names for the girls, but I'm 6 months pregnant now, and we still hadn't come up with names for our girls. We had agreed that they would both have a middle name and of course Niall's last name. Niall was currently in the shower and i was waiting for him to get done so we could go ahead and pick some names!

After about 20 minutes Niall came down the stairs wearing black skinny jeans and a white t shirt. He sat down on the couch with me and kissed my lips.

" Have you seen any names you like babe? Niall asked me.

" No, there are so many amazing names, it's so hard to choose. But we have to do this together" i said.

So, i have an idea, we both write down a bunch of girls names and then we see what names we have and see what names we like together" Niall said.

" That's a great idea" I said as i kissed Niall on the lips.

We both got a note pad and wrote down a bunch of names we saw in the book.


* Caroline
* Emma
* Charlotte
* Olivia
* Isabelle
* Ashely


* Ruby
* Ariana
* Selena
* Lucy
* Grace
* Annie

After we had written down all the names we looked at each other's list and we both saw names we liked.

" So, how about I choose the first name of baby A from your list, and you choose her middle name from my list. And then You choose the first name of baby B from my list and I choose her middle name from your list?" I asked Niall.

" That's sounds like a good idea babe" Niall said.

I looked at Niall's list and right away fell in love with the name Ruby.

" I love the name Ruby for baby A's first name" i said to Niall.

" I love that one to" Niall said.

Then Niall choose the middle name for baby A. He loved Isabelle for her middle name. And i loved that to! So we had officially named baby A.

Then it was baby B. Niall looked at my list and he right away said he loved the name Olivia, and i agreed. Then I looked at Niall's list, and i knew what name i wanted. I chose Grace. And Niall absolutely loved it to. So now we had officially named both our girls.
Then Niall and i both decided that we were gonna tweet out that we had picked names for the girls, but we wouldn't tell anyone their names until the babies were born. Niall tweeted first, and then i tweeted.

"@sarah_xoxo: So me and @NiallOfficial have chosen the names for our baby girls, but we won't be sharing them with anyone until after they are born! Gotta have some secrets 😉"

"@NiallOfficial: So, just like @sarah_xoxo said, we have chosen our baby girls' names. But we will be keeping them a secret from you all until our girls are born! It's fun to keep some secrets 😉"

And with that, we just spent the rest of the day having a lazy day and just eating and enjoying eachother' company . It was alsk fun being on Twitter seeing everyone trying to guess what names we had chosen, but none of them got it right!

A/N: The next part is up. Hope everyone likes it:) What names do you think Niall and Sarah chose? Please comment and vote! And on another note, thank you so much for 2 K reads. I'm so greateful you all like this book💞🎉

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