Chapter 19.

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Scarlett's POV

My feet were nervously tapping the floor of the car in time with the song playing on the radio. I wasn't sure whether I was more nervous of performing in front of ninety thousand people which was the full capacity of Wembley Stadium or the fact there might be a chance I would run into Louis, although I was actually more concerned about running into his band mates – I sensed I wasn't in their good books right now.

Maria squeezed my right knee clearly aware of my nervous disposition. Of course I got nervous before every show, it was only human but this wasn't just any show. This concert was being broadcast around the world, raising money for several charities and a fair amount of royal family members would be attending. I had asked Maria if she could hook me up with Prince Harry as a sarcastic joke but I think she took it a little too seriously when she replied with "I'll see what I can do," and since she is the living form of Wonder Woman it wouldn't surprise me if at some point he would stroll into my dressing room.

"You're making the whole car shake," Maria spoke cutting the silence through the car as we came to a halt at a set of traffic lights. I refused to meet her gaze; any sudden movements of my head could cause my lunch to reappear. "You'll be fine. Just open your mouth, don't forget the words and remember to breathe."

"I know, I know," I sighed, propping my head up with my elbow on the car door. "It's just so many people, I wish you would have warned me earlier. 

"So you could have said no?" She quipped immediately; a frown appeared on her face briefly before she scanned over my own expression. "Would you have really said no?" 

"No," I sighed again. It would be throwing a once in a lifetime opportunity out off the window if I said no. I doubt in my lifetime I would never ever play to such a crowd again. "Ninety thousand people though, that's a hundred eighty thousand eyes on me."

"Just imagine everyone naked, isn't that what they say to do?" 

"I don't think I want to be imagining everyone naked, who knows who will be in the crowd. Someone could bring a long their grandpa – I do not want to see that." 

"Okay, not the old or young, just imagine all the hot guys naked."

"I think that would make me even more nervous. Are they gonna ask me any awkward questions on the red carpet?" I asked changing the subject. 

"The interviewers have been instructed not to ask about your personal life, your sister – her relationship with Niall, your relationship with Louis or One Direction. So nope, no awkward questions." She smiled, proud of her self and her achievement. 

"Thank you, I don't really fancy looking like a twat in front of the world." I chuckled, the nerves subsiding a little as the car powered back to life. I could see the stadium coming into view, the giant arch captured my attention first. I'd never been inside the stadium before now, rehearsals had all taken place in a smaller venue for convenience issues. I watched the Olympics on TV take place here and now I was going to be standing where they stood. I couldn't help but grin at that factor. I was pulled away from my thoughts when Maria tapped my arm. I gazed at her and noticed the car was no longer running. 

"Ready?" she asked in which I nodded enthusiastically. "Let's go kick some butt." 


"I hate you," I growled as I flopped down into the sofa in my dressing room. I sent dagger eyes shooting towards Maria who was still cackling almost two hours since the incident.

"I'm sorry, it's just your face when you fell and then his face when you landed on him. I can't breathe." She was gasping for air as she retold the brief version of the story to me again for the tenth time this evening.

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