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A/N: It's actually just an idea that popped into my head. Just enjoy it. If somebody care the word count is 2058. 

Yeah! I updated this so it's with less Grammar mistakes (still not perfect, but it's one of my earlier writings in this language. If you read more recent stories of mine, they are better written - promise)!


"I still don't think you should go.", Roxy said to me, but I just shook my head. "My last mission was over a month ago. I will go mad if I need to sit just one more minute in my office." Roxy chuckled lightly, but now it's Merlin, who spoke: "But this is a very dangerous mission, we basically know nothing about." I rolled my eyes. "We know that someone wants to speak with a Kingsman-Agent." "I still believe it's a trap.", Merlin says and I rolled my eyes again. "And if? We are Kingsman-Agents! They still need to invite the trap that can catch one of us." After that Merlin rolled his eyes, but shut up and Roxy sighed. "Good luck.", she said one last time, before I got in the helicopter and flew away.

I never liked it when they were so overprotective. Yeah, it was my first mission since a month and I mostly just got one mission in a month, when I was lucky, but still, there was a reason why I was leading the Kingsman.

For more than an hour I sat on my ass, when I landed, I still needed to walk a good two miles.

"Everything ok, Arthur?", suddenly a voice in my ear said. "Yeah.", I said a bit annoyed, after I realized that it was Merlin.

After a 2-miles walk, I saw a building to my surprise it was a little cottage, but I wouldn't let my guard down, while I sneaked around the house till I spotted an open window. "I see nobody in or around the house.", I told Merlin. "I will go in now.", I added and heard Merlin reply something, but it sounded like the signal got interfered. "There ... interference ... don't go ... wait ... repair ..." I just shook my head and went inside. After I climbed through the window I looked around, it looked really cozy and actually rather nice. There was even a book next to the armchair, like it was just a cottage someone spent christmas holidays in. "Merlin, are you sure, you gave me the right coordinations?", I asked but there was just silence on Merlin's side. Weird. What could cause the interference? It couldn't be just because I was in the middle of nowhere. I was talking about the Kingsman-communication-system! So maybe I was not in the wrong place.

I looked into every room, till I had seen half of the rooms. "Hello, Eggsy.", said a voice I knew just too well, sadly. I turned around and pointed my gun directly in the face of a women I seriously hated. She simply smiled at me, it looked like a grimace. Gazelle.

I smiled back. "Fancy meeting you here. I thought you were dead." She stopped smiling now. "I survived, you don't need to know more. Except one thing: I will kill you and every Kingsman-Agent."

I shot , but she ducked down and tried to kick in my stomach with one of her blades, but I let myself fall back. In one motion I rolled back and stood up again, suddenly she threw a knife and pinned my arm sleeve to the wall. Where the hell did she got a knife from. I shot her in the stomach and she pinned my other sleeve to the wall too, what made me drop my gun. Like she couldn't feel the bullet in her body she jumped at me with her blades. I tried to get my arms free, but the dumb suit material was too strong to get ripped apart too easily. In the last minute I got one arm free and moved so that one of her blades got stucked in the wall, so I could hit her in the stomach and in the face, when she seemed to blackout I got the knife from the wall and wanted to stab her, but I could feel a gun at my head. "Knife.", she said and stretched her hand out. Without another option I gave it to her. She was fast, she could kill me if I just moved a tiny bit, she was also ruthless enough to shoot me without giving me a second thought.

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