Soul Bound

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-------------- Chapter 3 ------------

Naruto and Hinata were now in front of Konoha's east gate . After nearly a month on a mission , they were dead exhausted and were really glad that they fulfilled the mission and now could rest . They got into the village and went straight to report to Tsunade . As they reached the Hokage Tower , the went upstairs to the floor Tsunade's office was in and they knocked politely on it . Granted permission to enter they got inside.

"My two favourite ninjas . So I see you have returned . What news do you bring me ?" Said Tsunade as she leaned forward on her desk putting her hands together below her chin and awaiting answers.
"Good News Tsunade-sama . All four villages accepted to help us and their help is on the way . They even will send some number of ninjas as loan for the crisis." Said Hinata .
"That's great news . Anything else you might want to share ?" Said Tsunade .
"Yes Baa-chan . We are together now ." Said Naruto as he grabbed Hinata's hand making her blush in front of her superior .
"At last . So you finally managed to say it to him . I am so proud of you two . " said Tsunade as she got up and hugged them both . "Here take the payment for the mission and your expenses . You have the next month free of missions for the service you had done ." Said Tsunade handing them a check with payment on it .

Naruto accepted it being the thing that he really needed right now as he was about to leave the room but stopped when he noticed Hinata wasn't coming along.

"Naruto-kun . I need to have a talk with Tsunade-sama for a while . Can we meet later ?" Said Hinata as she looked at him .
"Sure . We are going on a date tonight to celebrate our return . See you later ." Said Naruto as he left leaving Hinata and Tsunade alone .

"Tsunade-sama . Can you please put a silence seal on this room ?" Said Hinata blushing .
"Sure ." Said Tsunade as with a few hand signs she isolated the place so that no sound would be heard out . "What is it you wanted to talk about ?" Said Tsunade as she got in front of Hinata and put a hand over her shoulder .
"Tsunade-sama . I checked my chakra system one day with my byakugan and noticed something strange on my body . Could you check it please with your skills around my belly ?" Said Hinata .
"Sure . Just lay on that couch there and take out your shirt ." Said Tsunade as Hinata did so and undid her short leaving herself in bra only as she laid on her back on the couch .

Doing hand signs Tsunade's hands started glowing green . She started roaming her hands around her belly for a couple of seconds as she then stopped and a huge smile came on her face . Telling Hinata to get dressed , she waited for her to get dressed as she got a glass of water on her hand , to get ready just in case .

"What is it ?" Said Hinata as she waited for an answer .
"That disturbance you saw with your Byakugan , had nothing to do with your chakra system since it was a system of it's own . When you said you were together with Naruto , you too really got together didn't you ." Said Tsunade as she stopped for a moment watching Hinata turn into a tomato . "Well Hinata , in eight months , you are going to give us more knucklehead ninjas in this village . You are pregnant Hinata and that system is of your child." Finished Tsunade as she watched Hinata look at her with shock at first but then her eyes started to water until she finally as predicted from Tsunade passed out on the couch . 'I knew this would happen.' Thought Tsunade as she poured some water on her hand and started wiping it around Hinata's neck until she came back to her senses .

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